Sunday, January 31, 2016

Favorite tweets, posts, shoutouts, and photos from the Paleo, LCHF, real foods, abstaining world Jan 31, 2016

Here are some posts and ideas I liked for the week ending Jan 31, 2016.

My best photo of the week. Moonlight Beach, 1/30/2016. I was speechless when I stopped to take a break at Whole Foods after my beach walk and saw this photo on my camera. Whoa!! I love being in the flow state and weight maintenance is a huge gift- to be able to walk almost 2 hours around a coastal town. I choose THIS! I choose foods that keep me food sober and walking a lot on the coast. Well worth it! The old me would be sitting on the couch sleeping in the afternoon, no more of that!
Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, CA Jan 30,2016 
Keeping my glucose and HA1c lower:

Now, I'm not saying that LCHF or Keto is a cancer cure, but keeping my glucose and HA1c lower also helps control my obesity and binge eating. I do believe that remission from my obesity = lower cancer risk for me Win-Win.

My take away: I put a lot of priority in glucose levels that are normal and HA1c's that are lower. That means I test and see what foods cause high spikes that don't come down 2 hours post. My genetics are not great, but my food choices are excellent for glucose control!!

Beef Brisket (Whole Foods) Salad, radishes, bell pepper, 85% chocolate, Coconut milk in some decaf coffee
For me- moderate protein, higher natural fat, low carbohydrate veggies. LCHF, part time Keto, Seasonings, yes!  I stay away from fruit, except for berries occasionally or a slice of citrus here and there, too much protein, and lots of high carb sweet potatoes. My genetics make the call, it's my job to get my desired outcome. So many people think its restrictive or punishing. I can tell you its delicious and nutritious. I'm not starving. I'm stronger than ever.

On the path to wellness and practicing best weight loss blogging practices:

Kudos to Holly and Hollie for updating their blogs and blogging about food addiction and abstaining.  Very honest bloggers who put themselves out there. Both have current photos, don't give up and have taken steps to deal with food/ sugar addiction. Never easy, always worth it. Onward! Gold stars in your caps for real time, honest blogging and applying suggested best blogging practices. Awesome!

300 pounds down- Holly
Transforming Hollie

Living Sober in a normie world
Food Addiction has a lot of overlap in recovery of all types (no it's not the same, but overlap YES)- abstaining, 12 step programs. Replace the word "alcohol" with "frosted cupcake" and read this article. Thank you for Vera Tarman, MD, for your continued work with addictions of all kinds.

My takeaway: Yes, yes, I'm sure I'm a food addict. One bite will hurt. Lived the one bite nightmare. Not going back there. I'll never be a normie, but I can be in recovery and live well.

The Wild Diet and Abel James and Kurt Morgan
Congratulations to Kurt Morgan and Abel James on Kurt's amazing transformation using The Wild Diet and having the the guts to talk about eating real food, higher fat! on main stream TV.

My take away: I do think that Paleo, Primal, LCHF, Keto, The Wild Diet and other real food approaches are underused for both weight loss and weight maintenance.

It's clear to me that Kurt chose a food template that goes well with his genetics. Be sure to subscribe to Able Jame's podcasts as he talks about what it was really like behind the scenes on a reality TV show with many of his guests this month.

Get out in Nature:
Finally,  the whales are on their migration to Baja Mexico and stopped to play last week. Be sure to take some time to walk out in nature, as safely as you can during the winter. I took an awesome staycation last Monday, what a treat!  Outdoors is free.
California Gray Whale tail with Sailboat, Carlsbad Cliffs Jan 25,2016


  1. Hi Karen, great pics, and thanks for being such an honest blogger. I will read the article you suggested, and check out the two other maintenance bloggers. I know you from HSMC on FB I haven't been on FB in a couple of weeks but wanted to reach out and tell you (because I know you care) that I am finally abstaining, from grains and sugar (and fruit). I'm not 100% free of grain but 99% :) And sugar, apart from one binge (this stuff takes time) I've been abstaining since December 31st. It isn't as hard as I thought. High fat gives you that freedom. I have always, more or less, been LCHF, not keto. Finding though as I add more fat that my weight is going up - so not sure what is happening there. I average 60-70% fat on any given day. So I'm going to dial it down a bit and add in more low starch veggies and see what that does. It's a bit frustrating to see weight go up when I don't think I've earned it. But I love the freedom of the higher fat - no cravings, little hunger. Do you ever worry about not eating enough? I worry but not sure what to do about it. All the pundits say if you're not hungry, don't eat! You always have excellent advise so any words would be appreciated. Did you listen to the recent Fat Summit talks hosted by Dr. Hyman? They were for the most part excellent. I particularly liked Dr. Perlmutter's talk :) I'm so glad you are managing your health and maintenance so well, and enjoying the beautiful part of the world you live in.

  2. Really great post.

    My oldest and I were just talking about purposely not cooking nor selecting foods that are too good to be true. Purposely going normal, real, middle of the road. So everything tastes good, but not too good.

    I always love to read all your scientific food points, the tests/screenings you keep on yourself. Very interesting.

    Loved the beach/wave pic. Really beautiful.