Saturday, January 16, 2016

Egg free for 60 days Jan & Feb 2016

Here's an  n=1 experiment that I'm attempting in 2016.

1. Dates: January 13 to March 13, 2016

2. What: Egg elimination, 60 days. 

3. Question: Are eggs an allergy or a sensitivity for me?

My past: I did 2 other egg free challenges, one close to 30 days and one 14 days prior to the 2016 challenge.

Why:  I reintroduced, I may have had some GI issues (too slow!) that I wanted to ignore. Or not. Not sure.

Deeper Whys :
This year, one of my goals is to lean into the Wahl's Paleo Plus (currently I'm eating close to this template, modified with eggs) The WPP is strictly egg free, so I'd like to join my brothers and sisters in the Wahl's protocol more closely.

I don't have MS, but I have a parent who did for 25+ years. The WPP works great for  my weight management. It also works great for my post Auto Immune Thyroid Disease (Hashimotos).  The WPP is suspiciously close to the food template I found post weight loss.

My binge urge switch is off, off, off, and off some more when I eat Wahl's Paleo Plus. After 40 years of binge eating and 5+ years of food sobriety, the WPP is a great gift.

Current observations:

1. I've not had a great lower GI time since the 11/17/2015 gluten exposure. Taking probiotics now.

2. I'm laying off the fermented foods for now and most fish, and homemade bone broth, due to getting kicked out of being the histamine normal control (I'm a paid donor, missing my extra blood donation $$ ;) )

3. Same GI symptoms  as when I reintroduced eggs immediately.(after 3+ years of normal, slow is not cool)

4. Joint pain on and off, there and there. Not sure if eggs are the reason. I would like to know. Could be the extra 5 pounds I'm attempting to lose? And, as you know, losing weight close to goal is slooooooow for many.

5. Sinus swelling/allgery Symptoms- I have some of those. Ready to get back to histamine normal. $$ :)

What am I eating for breakfast:

A. Chicken thighs with mole sauce
B. Ground lamb with shallots, garlic, and mint
C. Chicken thighs with curry soup, lime and cilantro
D. Chicken thighs with guacamole and garlic sea salt.
D. Left overs from last night (grass fed beef) with fewer veggies

That's the scoop. I'm only on day 4, and because I got used to being egg free two other times, I'm finding this egg elimination mentally easy.

Once you do elimination diets for your health, it's just a matter of pulling up your big girl pants and getting your challenge done.

What didn't work in the past

1. Gluten and dairy and low fat  caused me to have massive GI issues in the other direction- too fast and massive GI upset- lower and upper.

2-5 Gluten and dairy caused a lot of GERD and I took proton pump inhibitors for awhile. Oh, and the joint pain was massive. I was in tears at the end of the day just looking at the stairs in my townhouse.

Moderating ALL the foods. That did not work for my binge eating and kept me hooked into food addiction.

Are any of my blogging friends egg free?

Chicken thighs with avocado and garlic sea salt = egg free breakfast


  1. Hi Karen - interested to read your views here.
    Many are allergic to eggs, and of course not all foods do suit everyone.

    Now, I am someone who eats eggs every day - and the house has always got eggs in!
    However, one of our grandchildren is allergic to eggs and my dear mum could only tolerate a few, so like with other types of illnesses there is perhaps a family trait there.

    Be most interested to see how you do - and your chicken breakfasts look and sound good.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. I'm very curious to see if the gluten exposure and the egg stuff go hand in hand? After 60 days, I'll have a 2 day re-entry into eggs, then 2 weeks egg free. I should know a lot by then.

      I hope that I can have eggs when I travel at a minimum. I would be thrilled if it was one stop shopping, those extra pesky couple of pounds could release AND I could go back to a couple of eggs in the AM. I guess time and my body will tell me.

      Yeah, my breakfasts may hold me over better than eggs... perhaps I'm on to something... Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Isn't it fun continually modifying our diets to find what works best? I hope you find your answers. :)

    1. Yes!! It truly is an honor. It's a lot of work, but really, the food tastes delicious. I cannot complain one bit. I do hope to go back to eggs because of their price and because of their dense nutrients and easy to order while traveling. Something tells me I'll be able to. I think I may need to have 30 days or so post being glutened to heal up, without eggs. Thanks for stopping by Anna!