Sunday, November 15, 2015

You know why I baked at the holidays? So I could eat in secret, not too much of a shocker, I know!

Ghost of Christmas past 2009
I used to bake at the holidays so I could eat both the ingredients and so I could eat the baked products.

I used to eat in secret and think no one would notice.

It's not too much of a shocker. And yes, people noticed.

I had so many excuses of why I needed to bake. Traditions, kids functions, wanting to fit in socially.

Being 70 pounds overweight and being both acutely and chronically ill was not a secret. I used old habits. I distributed my baked goods to others that were acute and chronically ill. Those were not my greatest times. I apologize to those who I hurt with my own habits. Breaking free from those habits was hard, but not undo-able.

Good news, once I changed my habits I could stop them and replace holiday baking and eating with better habits. Habits that no did not involve food but did involve eating real whole nutrient dense foods and time with family and friends.

Ghost of Christmas present, 2014
Here are some of the awesome new habits I've developed since I stopped holiday baking. Remember, I live in So. Cal coastal, so I'm outdoors more often in the winter. Hey, If I lived in Indiana, I'd replace water sports with cross country skiing and snow activities.

Here's what is working:

1. Outdoor hiking
2. Beach walks
3. Photo outings in places like Balboa park
4. Taking the kids to outdoor ice skating on Coronado Island
5. Holiday caroling
6. Holiday hand bell performances
7. Work projects for the less for the less fortunate
8. Religious traditions
9. Paddle sports with family
10. Harbor walks with family
11. Movie watching with family

 Here is what didn't work in the past

1. Planning to bake Christmas Cookies
2. Buying big bags of Christmas candies in bulk
3. Attending cookie exchanges and making low point WW recipes. What WAS I thinking here? ??
4. Eating the cookie toppings
5. Eating the raw cookie dough, not caring if I got salmonella. (this one hurts to think about )
6. Eating the cookies.
7. Bagging cookies into tiny zip lock bags that were "low" points. DON'T answer #3 & #7, painful!!
8. Offering to bake for kids events.
9. Signing up on potlucks to bring the dessert and expecting to lose weight.
10. Distribute sugar stuff to people fighting their own chronic and acute diseases.

It's never too late to change your holiday baking and buying habits. I'm off to make sure I've got some clothes for my coastal walks. Safe travels and I'm glad I don't eat in secret any more.  Here's to banishing the ghosts of Christmas past!

What are your favorite holiday non-food activities? GO!
Coastal Walk on Oceanside Pier with coffee from the Succulent Cafe!


  1. I smiled at your statement of your old bad habit of distribute sugar stuff to people with their own diseases. Like you, I have been--and still am sometimes--part of the sugar culture. But I want to disconnect from that culture and not play a role. I don't need to bring sugary crap for a holiday carry in or any fattening stuff to parties. The biggest party I am thinking of is the holiday party/carry in where I work. Oh my gosh, the stuff that is there is just so terrible for you! People will load their crockpots with heavy foods and there will be lots of sweets and pastries. I think I am not going to attend this year. I don't need to sit around eating junk with everyone because that no longer is fun for me.

    My fun during the holidays is comprised of reading, spending time with friends, and enjoying religious traditions and ceremonies. None of those activities is dependent on food.

    1. Ali, potlucks were my obesity feeding ground. OMG- it's a potluck, all "normal" people moderate EVERYTHING. Right?

      Wrong for me... LOL. The ability to pick up what used to be only a once a year pumpkin pie at say Costco, or what never existed- brownie bites that all taste like the corner pieces- it's really impacting everyones bottom line.

      I attend with my regular food heated up and placed on a plate. I get the heck out of there during dessert time. Like an alcoholic doesn't hang around a bar, I don't hang around baked goods. LOL. Thanks for sharing with us. I sure have more time for relationships when I'm not doped up with sugar. :) Karen P

  2. We usually attend a couple holiday parties with lots of food. I made a conscious decision a few years ago to make the party about people, not food. I always bring a healthy dish (a beautiful vegetable tray with guacamole is a favorite) and don't linger around the food table. I have found that I actually enjoy the parties more when I get to focus on people, not food.

    1. Andrea, this is a good technique. Being out and socializing is much more fun! Guacamole, yum!!!!

  3. I baked constantly - and ate it. You certainly were not alone in that! Funny thing now is that no one misses the baking and no one needs it. Life is now about the people... not the food :)

    1. Lynda, it's so good to connect to friends and family and not sit there in a sugar induced cloud. :) Enjoy your coastal travels.

  4. ... those coastal walks sound great.

    All the best Jan