Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Watching Dr. Timothy Noakes in South Africa and hoping for awareness and effective tools for obesity and type 2 diabetes

I'm following the Dr. Timothy Noakes hearings in South Africa with interest.

I applaud Dr. Noakes for speaking up and speaking out. His website has more information. I'm a big fan of Dr. Noakes.

From 1971- 2011 I was either obese, normal weight but fighting overweight and binge eating like a champ.

Once I lost the weight, I switched to a Lower Carb, Higher Natural Fat, Paleo-ish, No Sugar No Grains approach.

By doing so, I turned off my genetic coding for the extra ghrelin and my many obesity FTO Genes. I still  have the obesity and overeating genetics, however that switch is OFF.

FTO obesity genes, double homozygous, yet no longer obese (my 23nMe report)
Extra ghrelin geneotype, no longer having binge urges, LCHF for the win and normal hormone response
It's not my fault that I have these genetics, however it is my responsibility to find tools like LCHF that help me minimize my obesity and type 2 diabetes risks. I'm worth it. We are all worth using effective tools to take care of ourselves and live in the least amount of pain and medication possible.

For me, eating adequate fat from real, natural foods and minimizing high process carbohydrates has been a real life saver.

 Here's how LCHF works for me:

1. No longer obese
2. No longer fighting most binge urges
3. Have stable blood glucose
4. Have much lower visceral fat
5. Have high energy levels
6. I have good, acne free skin
7. I have very little joint pain
8. I can slide on the same pair of size 6 jeans for the past 3.75 years
9. I have adequate good cholesterol so I can have good over all hormone functions
10. I feel 29 instead of 49.

Here's what didn't work for me in the past. AKA- high carbs, lower fat. All things that were told I had to do to to be "healthy". All these things were backwards, wrong, and quite harmful.

1.  I was obese, eat more whole grains the guidelines said
2. I had binge urges 20-30 per day. Eat all things in moderation but count points WW said.
3. I had super high and getting higher blood glucose, nearly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Eat lots of whole grains and fruit said the ADA.
4. I had very harmful, disease producing visceral fat, So many people told me this is what happens in menopause!!!?? It's "normal" Whut??
5.  I sat around after meals sleepy and numbed out from even high natural carbs. I sat ALOT.
6.  I had deep cystic acne. It was claimed that diet and food has nothing to do with it.
7. I had so much joint pain I took 300-400 ibuprofens a year and felt like I was 80 years old
8. I had 4-5 different sized jeans because I could not stop binge eating. I spent a fortune on buying clothes to fit my yo-yo eating habits.

9. I had low cholesterol but carried 70 extra pounds on my 5'1" frame. But hey, low cholesterol the normal cholesterol ranges said!
10. I felt 70-80 when I was in my early 40's and thought that I had to accept it as becoming middle age.

What benefits have you seen on LCHF? If you are on twitter, you can see the activity by using the tags  and 

It's my hope that more effective tools are offered up so that more people can give their given gifts to their families, their communities and most importantly themselves. We are all worth that. Bravo Dr. Timothy Noakes.

LCHF and happy for the health benefits


  1. I agree, Karen, that we need more pioneering doctors like him and Dr. Berkeley. Sadly, though, I think the majority of the people, even those with serious weight and health problems aren't willing to listen to the advice of these doctors.

    Our food has enormous affect on our health, and so many ignore this. I know I did for years. I think it takes someone with the willingness to look deep into himself or herself to address food issues and make big changes. So many people don't do the additional work of pairing food with an internal examination of their life. It's not easy to see where we can improve. For years, I hid behind baggy clothes and just kept eating. Granted I was dealing with prednisone which makes it hard to lose, but my diet was abysmal. I mean I had to have a partial colonectomy because my colon was damaged because I ate so poorly! And I was only in my 30s at that time! And I didn't improve my eating for years after the surgery, which is so sad! Of all my health issues, that is the one I caused!

    And finally, I want to add, I really like the Half Size Me Community! But you know tha already! It's such a great resource! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Ali. I know that my personal doc is great at diagnosis and treatment and has some of the right ideas on prevention, but only relying on her for getting my weight off- well, I couldn't do it. I needed advice that mainstream couldn't/wouldn't give. It's so, so tricky. I did have another doc tell me to get off the grains and sugars- I didn't listen for 10 whole years. So glad I finally started practicing the NSNG lifestyle. Sigh. Better late than never.

      I used to be so, so, so glad when winter rolled around, even in So Cal I thought I could eat anything and 'hide" it in my sweaters. That stratetgy didn't work out so well for me, LOL. I'm so sorry about your surgery because of not knowing. I hope you'll forgive yourself. We just were not told the best or right things. Darn it. The good news is that you have the information you need to keep yourself as well as possible, now.

      Glad you are over in the HSM community. I expect that the grain free, real foods part of the community will start to grow as the group grows. Many of my real life maintainers are in different places right now. Tough roads, pays to stick with the long term support.

      Onward and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. ... yes, we are also following the Tim Noakes hearing very closely.

    All the best Jan

    PS Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thank you Jan. :) I admire Dr. Noakes for speaking up and speaking out. In what era would eating whole real foods be such a problem? Unthinkable. I admire his strength and courage.