Sunday, November 8, 2015

3 years, 9 months in long term weight maintenance- holding steady

 Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Current Weight: 119.8 lbs
Goal weight ranges
(113-117) and/or (119-121)
Time in weight maintenance: 3 years, 9 months
Age 49
Height: 5'1"
Menopause: 2 years
Auto-Immune Hashimotos: 1997
Food Addict in recovery: May 2011
Current food template: LCHF/ modified Wahl's Paleo Plus/modified AIP protocol

Another month! I traveled successfully, monitored my glucose a little bit more often and survived some interesting feelings around Halloween.

1. Travel: I was on a business trip with a little bit of fun added in one day before work started. I packed foods like coconut butter, individual packets, an avocado, and some individually boxed coconut milk that is shelf stable.  I also brought some decaf coffee and coconut oil.

I had a partial kitchen in my room so I enjoyed coffee with coconut milk and/or a little coconut oil. This kept me from being hungry between bigger meals with the group.  

I also put a premium on walking in the hotel and during the time off the work duties. 

2. Glucose monitoring: Yes, this is a must. I have finally gotten to the point where extra protein does cause my 2 hour post meal glucose to be a little higher than I'd like.

 Mid to upper 90's when I usually run high 80's or below 2 hours post. And that was after a 45 minute brisk evening walk!!! I can see why my HA1c runs higher on some years blood work. 

Walking brings it down, but still. I'm embracing the moderate protein approach from a modified Wahls Paleo Plus protocol. This seems to give me well fitting clothes and good glucose values. Win-Win

3.Halloween, yeah, I had some weird feelings. I was tired, hungry, and had been exposed to a big plate of frosted cupcakes unexpectedly brought into my car.  Thankfully, I got home, got some "on food template food", turned off the lights and took a nap. No sugar was dumped on the neighborhood kids and I got my mind straightened around. 

Whew!  Recognizing that something is wrong and taking on only planned food is key to me not binge eating and keeping in weight weight maintenance. It's not the first time I've had issues with wafting cupcake frosting smells. 

It's amazing I can be in weight maintenance so long and still get triggered. Very important to be tough and make tough choices. I wish I could bottle toughness and sell it on Amazon. ;)  

The good thing is, we all have it on the inside of us. The answer was always inside of me, I just needed to get out of my own way.

Here's what's working

1. Travel: taking coconut and avocado based snacks so I can stay in ketosis and the items are very stable. 

2. Glucose monitoring and eating a moderate amount of protein. Tracking on My Fitness Pal.

3.  Identifying food triggers and taking immediate action on stress relief on what the real issue is (being tired or just regular hungry)

Here's what didn't work in the past:
1. Using travel to eat all kinds of junky snacks- 'Hey, I'm on vacation, someone else is paying, I'll walk this off, everybody indulges in the flavors of the region" All excuses to binge eat junk food. 

2. Not tracking my food. I had no idea how foods effected my blood glucose. My poor body. That obesity was there to protect my eyes, kidneys, and liver by storing the extra glucose in fat. Sigh. Live and learn.

3. Trying to count WW points for mini- candy bars. I loved that stupid chart that my WW leader brought out, now I can "fit it into my points allowance". No, No, 1000x NOPES. That triggered my binge urges and kept me on the sugar "hooch" until January of the next year. I loved that chart, but I don't miss it now that I've lived and learned. 

That's it. I bought an Instant Pot with my "Points' from my employers wellness program. I've been making great, fast, batch cooking meals- on my food template.  I hope to blog more this month. Time will tell. 

Hope everyone made it through Halloween without triggering themselves. Onward.


  1. Karen my blood sugar alway goes high after walking. If I check it a hour later it has gone back down. Your success is so wonderful, happy dance.

    1. That could be it, Joan. I'm starting to really connect to even my pre-walk glucose being high from some of the foods I was eating ( too much protein load, I think). Thank you for your kind words. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Leigh you are also rocking weight maintenance. I am forever grateful to have another person who came off a somewhat similar food template who made the transition to Paleo-ish. Keep up the great work. :)

  3. I guess we all have our triggers even those in maintenance so long like yourself. It just reaffirms that there will be life long challenges for me to deal with so I might as well get a handle on them now.

    1. Yeah!!! The challenges get easier, Anna. The long term habit changes make the challenges of the first 1-2 years of weight maintenance get easier in some ways. The more time and distance from the SAD diet and the triggers = easier times- IMO. Best wishes and I know you are in this for the permanet habit change. Keep up the great work.

  4. Businesses trips are so hard to navigate with food. I went on a business trip in October, and we had no break for lunch because the speakers talked during this time--and I was not in my hotel. Of course, the food that is provided is not healthy (the salads are drenched in dressing). I could have ordered beforehand, but I just prefer not to call attention to myself. Usually, I just bring some snacks and say I am not hungry for lunch (sure, it calls some attention to me, but it is better than eating a totally different meal that I had the conference prepare). I always aim to eat how I want when I'm around others, but I know so many don't eat like I do, and I can't expect them to.

    Recently I had a small victory because I went out with some friends for someone's birthday on Friday. We went to a high end French restaurant with very special, fattening food. I really couldn't avoid going because it was a best friend's birthday. I was a little annoyed because I don't care to spend money on pricey fattening food. But my friends all know how I eat, and I got a salad nicoise without the anchovies and cheese. It just was fresh tuna and veggies. Although I was a little tempted by the good food around me (especially by the bread), I did not have a taste of anyone's meal. I just enjoyed their company. And they know they can't make a fuss about my eating.

    1. Ali, I like how you navigated the French Food. I find almost any restaurant that is high end will produce some food that is delicious and on my food template because the chefs can accommodate. I'm to the point where I'd rather eat out at high end places less often and know I'm not going to get glutened rather than eat out more often.

      Sometimes the bread smells get to me. I used a packet of coconut butter and a coffee at a Panera like restaurant after the place could not or would not find the ingredient binder so I could see if I was going to get sick or not (had a high stakes meeting the next day). I stayed ketogenic and had great energy and felt full until a larger dinner.

      So glad you are finding ways to stay on your food template, no matter what. I do think that keeping similar foods had a good outcome- both mind and gut bacteria wise.

  5. Good three pointers on your 'here's what's working' paragraph.

    All the best Jan

    1. as always,Jan, thank you for your support and the work you and Eddie do.

  6. Very interesting on the higher protein raising sugar. (Your moderate protein might well be higher protein for newbies still eating mostly carbs).

    I am remembering another blogger who had to adjust and adjust as she aged. Her percentages/ratios changed significantly over the years.

    1. Indeed, Vickie. If I talk specifics on the amount, people get all in a tizzy. It's all relative- total calories,
      macro values, menopause, daily activities,, but for me, staying right around 60 total grams of protein from animal sources (grass-fed beef, salmon, chicken thighs, shrimp, eggs) seems to give me the best outcome. 80-100+ grams of protein worked well for loss and for early maintenance, but that seems to not be optimal now.

      Age and menopause status have brought on considerable changes. I hope that more people blog about this. Just glad to be coming from a solid weight maintenance plan. Definitely getting better health outcomes as I age without the extra weight and metabolic problems. :)

  7. Congrats on your efforts. The two pictures don't even look like the same person. Here's to lots more goodness, your way.