Saturday, August 15, 2015

Even the veterinarian has better advice for weight managment- summer shorts 2015, #1

I'd rather play than eat-says the skinny cat
 Summer Shorts 2015, #1 Our  the veterinarian has better advice than the human medical community.

The advice is : Feed indoor cats the diet that is most closely like their natural diet. No grains, a good quality wet food most of the time, this fixes 80-90% of all cat problems and we are now recommending wet food to our clients"

Oh, real cat food for real cats. What if mainstream medical and the weight loss & weight maintenance community told humans to eat real foods, most closely like their natural diet?

I've got one cat that is normal weight, play focused and stops eating when she's full. She also gets hair balls easily. Used to throw up easily on dry (grain free) food.

I've got another cat that eats her own food, the skinny cat's food, and will beg for our food- Loves that the other cat gets sick easily. Pet obesity. It's a problem.Ugh! What a dynamic. I start my day by drinking coffee while I police the cats sticking to their own food dishes and to keep the skinny cat focused for 2 seconds.

The cats are sisters, from the same litter. The eating based cat is likely the runt of the litter, with small facial features, but doesn't stop eating easily.

Our Solution: 

Blue Buffalo- 100% grain free canned cat food. Grain free. Hairball cat keeps her food down, overweight cat stays leaner. Vet bills stay low. The obese cat is still overweight. We'll have to closely monitor the amount she eats over the next year. But we have a better chance now that the lean cat has fewer tummy troubles.

Our vet has better advice than many in the medical community and weight loss plans dole out to people. Seriously. If grains are used to fatten cattle, ducks are force fed grain to get fatty liver, why, why, why are grains recommend to people with already high inflammation and metabolic problems? 

Yes, I know some people can eat say a Mediterranean diet, whole grains and stay lean. Yippee for them. But why, for the rest of us people, do we continue with a substance that adds body mass? That increases hs-CRP and inflammation?

Why would that be a good idea? For me, it only lead to binge eating and high hs-CRP. The very thing I was told was "heart healthy" was the very thing that would have lead to a heart attack, for me, had I not thought for myself.

Vet's advice stands. Food like our natural diets for the win!

What's working for me: grain free diet, Paleo-ish food template. Meat, veg, spices, low inflammatory oils.

What didn't work in the past: Whole grain, "heart healthy" cereals, waffles, and breads.

If you have a natural cat food that works well for your cat, please share in the comments below.

The eating based cat . Look at that booty!


  1. I have a two year old female cat I adopted about two months ago. She ended up with gingivitis and needed her teeth cleaned. For that reason, I am torn because my vet says to give her dry food for that. But I have also heard from some pet experts that cats should be fed a meat-based diet. My cat gets wet food twice a week, and she adores it. So I am torn because I would love to feed her more wet food. Also she is not overweight. She is about eight pounds and can jump and climb high (she's and indoor cat).

    I also am finding that a diet free from grains is suiting me better. I am not as hungry. A nutritionist friend of mine (who is in fantastic shape no less) posted an article on Facebook yesterday that stated low fat diets are better than grain free diets. I thought it was interesting. And I doubt that diet works as well for women as they enter the menopause years.

    1. I still feed my cats dry food a little bit.

      I think that genotype and biology makes up what works best for people. I know I lose well on low fat diets when I have a lot to lose, but maintaining is a different story. Also, yes!!! In menopause a higher natural fat diet far out weighs a low fat diet.

      Oh the hunger and binge urges I had while low fat. If I try to dial back the fat now, I feel terrible. For many reasons. Naturally thin people, only if they see thousands of patients for obesity related matters do they give great advice, in my experience. The rest of the advice was a recipe for permanent obesity for me. I was 6 years old and the thin people had all the answers (NOT!!!!).

  2. Many people have domestic pets that have diabetes!!

    Surely these pets deserve to eat the food that was intended for them, and not the highly processed foods that don't do them or humans any favors ?

    Just a thought ...

    All the best Jan

  3. In Russia many feed their cats with small cheap fish which is sold frozen with heads still attached. May be here in US the fish sold as a bait or in oriental stores (like smelts) is chip enough to compete with a commercial cat food.