Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Habit Change App- Coach Me - track habits and more, my review, how I use habits in weight maintenance

 I don't think I've given a big shout out to the Coach. Me App. Coach. me (formerly Lift) is a habit building app and tracker that I use to track:

Strength training- AKA going to the gym
Eat Paleo- Yeah! like every day
Sprinting - oh, I need improvement here...

Two recent habits that I prioritized have been

1. Tracking sleep with Fitbit
2.  20 Day Mindful Pause Meditation (in app purchase)

 Okay so what are my top uses for the app

A. Track my habits, either established, new, or ready to adopt
B. Get "props" - virtual high fives from people I follow, or groups of people following the same habit.
C. Tracking over time
D. The tracking is right on my phone
E. I can set up reminders to track, on a timer frequency,on the habits I choose
F. I can create custom habits
H. I can archive habits if I'm not prioritizing them.
I. I can export my records into a cvs file for Excel or Google Spreadsheet.
J. I can ask questions to others, if I've joined a habit that others are participating.
K. I can answer questions with those in my group.
L. I can make "secret" projects.
M. I can hire a coach for a low price for my habit.
N. I can add my own notes.
O. Calendar format
P. Bar graph format
Q. The app was either free or very low cost.

I did choose to pay a small amount for the meditation series. It sounded like a good fit, and I'm more likely to cement in a habit if I have to pay a very small amount.  Truth! Don't get me wrong, I leverage the heck out of free apps like My Fitness Pal, Instagram, Twitter.

I do tend to follow through if I've paid a small (value, in this case, $9.99 for 20 days, unlimited use.)  amount. Also, I do like to buy either a book, or save up for "continuing education" hobby related expenses- usually it's travel or photography or learning some skill.  Like investing in myself. It feels good.

Anyway, look me up if you are on Coach. Me . Habit building for both weight and non-weight management habits have helped daily, draggy routines come to life. Almost as fun as putting a sticker on my paper calendar. ;) 

I'm pretty sure I listened to Kendra Kinnison on her podcast - the Habit Chef talk about (then Lift), now Coach. Me app.  I like it that Kendra is a coach at Coach. Me.  and she tracks simple things, like flossing and complex things like leadership for high level executives. Plus, Kendra had a "secret project" listed. She worked on it every day. She followed  me last year and it was fun to watch her progress. Someday, I'll get my own secret project.  Yeah!


  1. Interesting that you can track your sleep too - have you found this helpful?
    I've always found that establishing a good sleep pattern is not always the easiest of things and yet we do feel so much better if we can achieve this.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan. The actual sleep tracking function is inside Fitbit. But remembering to go and do it OR going and owning my poor sleep days (sort of like food tracking used to be when I used to binge... I would try not to own it by not tracking- I don't do those games any more.. :)) So this tracks the number of days in a row that I recorded my sleep. Very helpful for the habit, so I can access the data.

  2. I sent a note, with a link to your post, to Gretchen Rubin. I thought she would find it interesting. I did.

    1. Wow!! Thanks, Vickie! I love Gretchen's approaches to habit change. Very valuable. I listen to her podcast all the time. Great stuff.

  3. Hello Karen - I need your help please. My sister wants to track her "macros" for her LCHF woe. How and where to do this in a simple format?
    Thanks very much :)

  4. Katie. Use My Fitness Pal app. Or spread sheet on computer. Or sparkle people ( phone) Macros can be tracked within those programs