Monday, July 20, 2015

Tweets I liked last week- Mid July, 2015 sleep, weight maintenance,habits, and bone density

Rain in So.Cal in the summer!!! July 19, 2015
New feature: Once a week, or every other week I'll post interesting links from well curated weight maintenance, Paleo, Primal, and legit or seemingly legit science sources.

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*I'll make every attempt not to choose tweets with triggering junk food, but sometimes, there will be. Scroll fast! ;)

Sleep: Robb Wolf, Doc Parsley will answer questions on an up coming podcast. Ask your question, it may be answered.

Hey folks! I'm doing another podcast with @docparsley about ALL your sleep questions. Send those to info @ Robbwolf dot com!!

Weight maintenance: 
A study showed a very small number of formerly obese staying at a normal BMI.

Karen's 2 cents: I think the rate is higher in certain support groups- think WW, National Weight Loss Registry, TOPS, OA, FA, Half Size Me Heather, and Tips of the Scale. I could be wrong.My BMI was around 35 or so before I lost the 70 pounds.
I found Dr. Freedhoff's blog post here. Lively discussion on Facebook here.
And yes, the look AHEAD study does have different stats, people who WERE trying to maintain their losses. This seems more realistic.

Habits: Shopping and the subconscious. Many So. Cal cities are mandating bring your own bag.
Karen's 2 cents: This is why I shop and eat from a food template. Bringing my bags or not, I remove myself from the health halo effect of marketing. Maybe I'm just wearing the grass-fed halo, but still...

Habits: Making decisions: Ask for information, not advice.
Karen's 2 cents: Yes! Information, with some of your own data =  self efficacy( n=1)

Bone Density: Great personal story from the Low Carb Dietician.
Karen's 2 cents: Bone problems run in my family. I can only start where I am and keep up my strength training, home made stock, and good gut absorption. I can't undo the yo-yo dieting from the past or my smaller frame. Better late than never!

Okay, anyone else run across any current articles?  Discuss! This is my first attempt at embedding tweets. Crossing fingers...


  1. Dr. Berkeley posted an article from the Cleveland Clinic about the difficulty of maintaining weight loss for people. I found it interesting and a bit disheartening though I really am trying not to be a statistic. I really like the Low Carb Dietician's blog, which I found via you. She is very scientific and analytical in her posts, and she writes from an evidence-based perspective, which I really appreciate. Plus she is willing to share her blood results even though that would be considered controversial, and she is willing to acknowledge that her way is not the only low carb way.

    1. I just saw that Dr. Berkeley's article, and I think it referenced the article from Sarah's tweet! Oops!

    2. Hi Ali, love the Low Carb Dietitian. She gets good reviews from my in real life friends who have seen her. I think that in the next 5-10 years that progress will be made with weight maintenance. Looking at the success stories at Mark's Daily Apple, Robb Wolf, Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, SANE, etc. Plus, I trust that more ground will be made with diagnosing food addiction, gut microbiome and more. The sooner the better.

  2. I thought the "bring your own grocery bag" story was going to go another way. I thought it was going to say those people stuck to their lists because that was all the room they had in their bags. I did not picture junk food being the point.

    For quite a while we had a master grocery list for the house. A printed list, with everything arranged by section (dairy, cleaning, protein, etc). I would go thru the list, at home, checking our stock. (Pretty much how restaurants do, to have everything ready. We stay fully stocked.) I would then make the grocery list from the printed sheet.

    My husband is doing all the grocery shopping now. We did it together for a long time. He knows exactly what to buy. He goes to each person and asks what they need and makes his list. He is not an impulse buyer, at all. If it not on the list, he does not even consider buying it. Very interesting evolution.

    1. Vickie, I know, you would think that the story would have gone that way- bring your bag, bring your lists. The very ecology driven beach and surfer cities- Solana Beach and Encinitas (both north of San Diego) were the first to go bring your own bags. The Trader Joe's look like a parking lot for Prius' only. LOL.

      Oh, If I could have a designated shopper. Stick to the list. That would be great. My teen is not driving yet.

  3. Hi Karen ... just stopping by to wish you a good weekend ... well it will soon be here!

    I really enjoyed reading Franziska's latest post, I think many would have found it helpful.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. I really appreciate Franziska blogging about how she deals with bone health. Great info!!!