Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Holiday's December 2013 keeping the train on the tracks

San Diego Botanic Garden
Happy Holiday's to all who are celebrating this season.Thank you for reading and I plan to have a few posts over the holidays.

A big welcome to those of you coming over from Jimmy Moore's Living La Vida Low Carb blog.

You can also count on me tracking my food, getting in walking, sleep, and de-stressing, as needed. I'll be keeping a super clean Paleo template again this year.

I don't eat too far off template, but I may melt my 85% Chocolate squares and drip a drop or two of peppermint extract for the flavor/smell of the season. I also may add a spoon full or two of coconut milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon to my coffee.  That's the whole extent of my holiday "special food".

Proteins: I will switch up to a more expensive cut of meat for our balsamic pot roast and I bought some Red Argentine Shrimp that taste like lobster. This is the way "I put life into living" as Vinnie Tortorich likes to say on his podcast. And YES! Anna Vochino is the best voice in podcasting. Love listening every week. (this podcast has "language' so don't listen in front of the young kiddos, Vinnie's promised a kid friendly episode. Really looking forward to this so I can share it with Jr. Family Member)

Tastes a little like lobster and shrimp! Trader Joe's

That's it. I don't "Indulge, eat treats, eat off template, eat the family sugar cookie recipe, the random crap that shows up, the lovingly made and decorated sweets, or just one holiday meal." My emotional/binge eating does not take a day off, so I don't either. I could eat these food products, but I like my food sobriety too much. I'll wake up feeling great, eat a normal amount of food, enjoy the family, take epic photos on my walks outside , and go to bed feeling great. Best Christmas gift to myself- for life. 24/7/365

In December 2011, during my weight loss, I concentrated on minimizing my activities and putting myself first. Card sending, cookie baking, over decorating- I don't miss it. Food sobriety "tastes" better.

Taking time to cook good meals, take photos, visit with friend- much better time investment.

What's working for the Christmas Holiday's 2013

1. Tracking food and my fitness pal, with daily weighing.
1.5 Looking at protein and carb macros.
2. Taking time to walk, get outdoors, sleep,and rest.
3. Taking time to buy and cook food.
4. Taking time for friends and family

What did not work in the past:

1. Not tracking food starting in October, ostrich effect.
2. Not being aware of the hormonal effects of glucose and insulin on my body and mind
3. Eating whatever showed up at the parties. Going to the parties to eat binge food!!
4. Feeling terrible and not wanting to have friends see me, using huge sweaters to cover up my body.

Safe travels. Stay on track. No cookie was ever worth that cycle. Those Red Argentinian Shrimp- that taste like lobster, no emotional/binge cycle and paying a little more for protein,   that's worth it. :)


  1. you're a strong woman, Karen! ;-) happy holidays!!!

    (I gotta try to find those shrimp -- thanks! I LOVE lobster!)

    1. Tess, Thank you, and thank you for the shout out on your blog..... I love shrimp the most, crab next, and lobster, too. The flavor combo really pops. Happy Holiday's to you! :)

  2. "4. Feeling terrible and not wanting to have friends see me, using huge sweaters to cover up my body."

    I remember not attending several weddings because of how I looked. This was not only fat, but also outdated glasses, outdated hair, no great clothes, etc. I felt very dumpy.

    Everything in my closet fits.. I have great stuff in my closet. I have clothes for any occasion. I could go to a wedding, funeral, party, the White House for dinner with no advance notice.

    1. Vickie, I know I did not attend events as well because I did not have clothes that fit. I've not replaced my "little black dress" in size 8 that I hung onto for so long when I was 16-18. I now wear a size 4-6 so I I'll be looking to get my formal wardrobe replaced in 2014. There are several second hand shops with great clothing and that fits my budget.

      If you get invited to the White House, I hope you'll give us the inside scoop!!! ;) Thanks for being a great mentor.

    2. I have done very well at Penney's, Macy's, Carson's, kohls, target because of their coupons. I buy things when they are on sale PLUS a coupon PLUS free shipping. I normally order the exact same thing in three sizes. I only order from stores (listed above) where I can make free returns to the store(no return shipping fees).

      I have NOT had luck at second hand stores simply because they normally do not have the same thing in multiple sizes.

      When I first got down to my current size, I locked my purse in the trunk of my car, and tried on a LOT of different sizes and styles. Didn't buy, just tried on, looked in mirror, took pictures.

    3. I have a couple things where I found the wrong size at resale, knew what size I needed, and then found on ebay. I also had things in my own closet that I under grew, and then found smaller sizes on ebay. That was very effective use of ebay, because I was confident of sizes.

  3. Karen, always THE definitive role model in this new life style of mine! Thanks for always being the beacon of light and TRUTH. Have a beautiful weekend! The weather is PERFECT! (okay, 5 -10 degrees warmer would be better. LOL)

    1. Gwen, thank you!!! LOL... yes... missing the 5-10 degree difference. I'm sooooo spoiled. Loving the So. Cal coastal lifestyle. :) Safe travels and good for you for staying on track during the holidays. This will pay off big time for 2014.

  4. I'll have to look for those shrimp! They sound delicious!

    1. OMG- Andrea, those shrimp are the best!!! $8 a bag, but the flavor reminds me of expensive restaurants. Finding a meal I can make at home for myself that I would pay $20-25 for in a restaurant.... Awesomeness.I can get 3-4 meals out of the bag. :)

  5. Your posts remain such an encouragement to me. I have always loved your style of writing. Looking forward to another year of blog friendship!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Cheering you and Bill on for an easier 2014. Love your new place and praying you can get back to your wonderful travels and hikes. Merry Christmas!

  6. This was a great post. The phrase "ostrich effect" really spoke to me. It's what I've done over and over and over. Not this Christmas!!

  7. Thanks for the tip on the shrimp! I'll have to get some too. Happy Holidays!!