Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Facebook page for my blog- adding another layer to the social media for weight maintenance

Okay, I did it. I made a Facebook page for my blog. It was long over due time. Probably a better, faster way to discuss, post links to favorite podcasts.


Weight Maintenance is complex, but I have a theory, because I am a scientist...
Karen's Weight Maintenance Theory:
If we customize our own weight maintenance template, then weight maintenance and good overall health will  become easier*

*Note:  I did not say easy, but once you find the foods, habits, behavior change management, problem solving activities, support that you need for your self AND you're able to make changes as your life change, then yes- it does become easier, in my opinion.

Weight maintenance after a large 70+ pound weight loss has a lot of roads to travel. We are stronger together. 

See you over on FB. Catch me on other social media.

Twitter is a good place to catch interesting articles and occasionally exchanges with other tweeters.

Instagram:Want to know what I've been eating or where I've been walking: Instagram!

Pinterest:  I use pinterest to get inspired by photography, Paleo Recipes, and cool places to visit. No junk food is pinned in my pinterest feed.


  1. I like you Karen, I really like you:)

  2. Oh, thank you Leigh. I like you and your blog, too. I'm telling you, I love that we are both part of this critical mass of other bloggers that eat real food as part of weight maintenance. It's kind of fun to be in the here and now and it will be super fun to look back at where we were in 5 to 10 years. Onward, Leigh! :)

  3. Technology, technology, technology can be a good thing!

    I enjoy reading and looking at your blog - have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. it's fun to use the different mediums. I keep telling myself that I will stay young this way. :)

  4. How funny! My post for tomorrow (or Monday) was going to be about my new maintenance theory! (we are AWFULLY copacetic.) :)

    1. Cool , Gwen!! Primal, Paleo and other clean eating ways are totally underused in weight maintenance. Glad you are blogging about it. I'll be featuring Leigh, Lynda, Marion and others in the coming days .....

  5. I referred some friends to your Facebook page. Hopefully, you have some for mine too. I can't wait to see what you do with yours. As always, a huge fan. :D

  6. Will do tonight, Marion!! Thx!