Saturday, June 23, 2012

Establish a life charter

I'm picking a rule, with a sub-rule from Refuse to Regain (by Barbara Berkeley, MD) to write about. My opinions are my own, your experience may vary.  I would highly recommend the book.

Rule 1, step 3: Develop a Life Charter.

It took me awhile to establish my life charter. Mine did not jump out at me; I developed my charter over time. I like how in the book, Barbara states " My plan is utterly portable and has become second nature".  I like this because
  1. My life is pretty dynamic, so portability is key. 
  2.  My life in weight maintenance mode is a whole different ball game than my past attempts at maintenance, so second nature is required.
Okay here it goes:

  1. Eat Primal/Paleo at structured times, 
  2. Walk the hills with my camera, 
  3.  Sleep more and stress less.
  4.  Good Coffee, Good Friends, our Families, and  my Higher Power will get me through
I find I can apply that template to my days and my life right now.  It works. Feel free to discuss in the comment section below.


  1. I thought her book was so great and this was a wonderful suggestion. I too need one that is portable.

  2. Portable is a really interesting concept.

    I was the opposite of portable in the beginning (on purpose)

    I scaled way back and hunkered down to the utter basics.

    I have three kids (22, 18, 14 which this year means grad school on east coast, undergraduate within a couple hours of us, high school). I am a busy person. I was once over busy as a means of avoiding myself.

    Just this year, I have started adding back in very worthy (no food) activities.

    My food still mostly comes from home. I had three major trips this summer and also a broken foot. But I was pretty careful with myself.

  3. So I guess I am expanding into carefully chosen portable.

    This was a very interesting post.