Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fat, A documentary! Kudos to Vinnie Tortorich and Peter Pardini - behind the scenes photos of the San Diego Filming!

I was proud to help Vinnie Tortorich, Peter Pardini and Serena Scott Thomas with the making of their ground breaking documentary during Low Carb USA 2018 in San Deigo.

If you want to help promote the cause, do these things

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BONUS!!! My behind the scenes photos and stories of Fat, The Documentary 2018
Enjoy! Helping on the first day of filming has been one of my favorite top 10 moments of 2018.

Many reasons to check out the film (releasing in Nov-Dec 2018)

Jeffery Gerber MD and Ivor Cummings are in the documentary

Jill is a local Low Carb weight maintainer, losing and maintaining over 120+ pounds via Low Carb, NSNG, and Keto. She's living the dream, as am I.  Check out Jill's Instagram, where she is very active.
Jill (weight maintainer), Vinnie Tortorich, Karen Parrott
Dr. Georgia Ede shares her own story and helps college students regain their physical and mental health. Dr Ede is also in the film. (Diagnosis Diet)
Karen Parrott and Georgia Ede, MD
Dave Feldman (Cholesterol Code) also makes an appearance in the film. 
Dave Feldman chatting to Dr. Eade

Gary Taubes makes an impactful appearance at Low Carb and in the film. Kudos for facing the heat and getting the word out. And for having me deliver key communications to VIP's. LOL. 
Karen Parrott (looking stressed out) and Gary Taubes
 Vinnie early in the morning, chatting with conference goers and telling funny stories about the room set up.

Vinnie Tortorich and Karen Parrott
 The ever awesome Vinnie Tortorich and beautiful Serena Scott Thomas. Love those two! Thank you X 1,000,000 for helping us get and stay well.
Vinnie Tortorich and Serena Scott Thomas
The many volunteers who also worked Low Carb USA, but covered for me while I was helping the film crew collect VIP's for their time slots during filming. 

I couldn't believe how much film equipment came out of this truck!

Thanks to my volunteer friends who covered for me while I was helping the film crew!
Hope you are all well. I'm about the same weight wise. Working on house projects and gearing up for a super busy fall at work.

Resource page: I'm working on it.


  1. Fantastic Karen!! I'll definitely watch that movie when it comes out. I can see your excitement in all of the photos :)

    1. Thanks, Lynda!!! OMG. so much was going on those 3 days. I had done the original NSNG meet up in LA in 2015 so I knew Vinnie and Serena well. And I'm familiar with Hollywood filming from work and being in proximity to LA. Fun, fun times.

  2. I will definitely have to check it out!!!!

    1. MaryFran, thanks! I'm fortunate that the "Low Carb Cardiologist" is at my low carb meetings in San Diego often. You can just go to the back of the room and ask general questions and he is so kind and knowledgeable. I'm super glad low carb is being offered as a choice, long with the other weight loss/maintenance plans. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog, as always.

  3. Fantastic Karen
    Our good wishes from all at the low carb diabetic blog

    All the best Jan, Eddie and Graham

    1. Jan! Waving hello to you all. I had so much fun!!!!!

  4. So fantastic! I'm looking forward to this movie also.

    After 4+ years being low-carb, I've finally signed up for a low carb conference myself, and am super excited - it's Low Carb Denver, in March, 2019. Can't wait!

    1. Wendy, you will LOVE it!!! Fabulous. Glad you can make it. Amber O'hearn invited me to the Carnivore conference (I'm not zero carb) the day before. Not going to make it to Denver, but it's going to be fabulous.

  5. Replies
    1. Chris, thanks for stopping by!!! I'm posting a link to your podcast (if Ihavent' already,) very soon. :)