Sunday, October 28, 2018

6 years and 8 months in long term Weight Maintenance- Holding steady!

May 2011 before, after October 2018

May 2011 before, after October 2018
Proof of weight maintenance!!! Beware of before and after photos. I promise I look the same or as close as possible ( camera angle and clothing matter) in these photos as I do in:

1. Other people's photos of me
2. How I look at conferences

Shenanigans on some pages and Instagram accounts with photoshop. Careful!
PS- for those of you long time readers with a good eye:

A. I haven't moved, but I have needed to grab a new photographer since my kid left for college.
B. I try my best to line up my shoes and head to give the right line up in the photos.

Yeah. I'm holding super steady in the 120-121 plateau  maintenance range.
Stats below

Time in weight maintenance 6 years, 4 months

Starting weight 187.4 lbs

Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116
2018 real life average to date 118.9
2018 three month average: 120.6
2018 one month average: 120.8

Current Weight  121.2 lbs
Keeping off    66.2 lbs

Age 52
Menopause 4+years
Hashimotos 21+ years
Height 5'1"

2018 Stats

BMI ave  Oct           22.8
BMI ave  Sept          22.8
BMI ave   Aug          22.7
BMI  ave  July          22.6
BMI  ave  June          22.4   
BMI ave May            22.4
BMI ave April           22.2
BMI ave March        22.4

BMI ave Feb             22.2
BMI ave January      22.2

Graphs, there will be graphs. At the end of my post

Goals November 2018

1.  Cut my fat% and eat a little bit more lean meat, mostly beef and chicken, some fish. In maintenance I eat 63% of my macros in fat. To "cut" and drop weight, I'll drop down to around 58%
of fat, trading for protein. Works

Negative side effects: I know this will increase my dry eye, but if I want to drop below the 120's and get a little leaner, I'll need to do that. I have over the counter eye drops. I'll need to use them. 

Positive side effects.: I'll feel most awesome in my favorite jeans and body. 

Exception: when I kayak or hike a lot, I switch to beef brisket, carnitas and ribeye. Because I get better hungry and full signals that way. Sometimes fueling with super high lean protein gives me bloat and joint pain, so on super high exercise days, fat is a better deal on that date. 

Your milage may vary. 

2. Food: I've reintroduced pork somewhat with good results

Positive side effects:  I can eat bacon and carnitas and short ribs while traveling and at holiday parties. I still don't eat bacon much, but I will tank up on carnitas and ribs with great results as far as satiety signals go. This keeps me food sober pretty well. 

Negative side effects:  1 pound scale gain due to salt. Who cares? I do not. Dang those carnitas were so good. 2 hours of Kayaking. Girl's gotta fuel. Yo! 

3. Fasting: 

18:6 fasting from 6am to noon as much as possible

Except when I want or need to eat. Examples, post Kayak, visiting my kid at college and I had a chance to eat at Cultured Caveman in Portland. I try to stick to red meat only or dark meat chicken if I eat after 2pm. This works best for me.

So to recap what's working for me:

1. Cut dietary fat to cut body fat, use eye drops to battle dry eye.
2. Know what I can and can't eat for food triggers.
3. Fast when it's right for me, break the fast when it's best for me.

What didn't work in the past

1. Eating low fat, always hungry. Always. I didn't know that my satiety was hormone driven.
2. Moderating all foods. Silly me, I can't do that and be food sober. I wasn't thinking and I trusted WW advise, when I shouldn't have. My fault. 
3. I ate 18-19 hours a day, a hand to mouth, sneaking snacks = fat pants earned. Ughhhhhh. Painful. Again, I take full responsibility for eating skinny cows spiked with M&M's at 9pm. Good lord. I ate like a 5 year old at a birthday party. All the nopes. Eating protein and veg is much more sustainable.

Hope you are all well and not constantly eating hand to mouth. Put that snack sized Halloween candy down. Food sober living tastes better. If you can moderate, continue. If you can't, I understand. Know yourself. 

GRAPHS below. Because fakers are going to not do this. Plus what gets tracked gets managed. 

No Halloween Candy here, just carnivore cats


  1. Thanks for the update, Karen! I always look forward to these posts. I think you can carry your current weight well, but I know you like being leaner. And of course, that takes constant work. And amen to the weird camera angles (shots from above the head are common) and cropped pictures so that people's full bodies aren't revealed. I notice that a lot. So I'm wary of some maintainers. I'm currently in menopause I suspect (at age 48) so I'm dedicated to keeping an extra eye on things. My health is still challenging but I won't gain weight as a way to cope. Or I'll do what I can to prevent the gain. It is not worth it. I'm about 10 pounds heavier than you are and the same height. I'm hoping to lose a few more pounds. But it's slow going. I've started to do some light lifting, but gone are my crazy exercise days of the past.

    Thanks for being a beacon of steadfastness in maintenance and a beacon of honesty.

  2. I heard on maintaining!!!! You are doing great! It’s good to see you continually setting goals and making plans in regards to your healthy lifestyle!!!

  3. I appreciate your sharing and hard work. I am 3 months into Keto and still figuring out what works for me. 11 lbs out of 50 desired, lost-- and holding steady for the last month--which in itself is miraculous after the last 3 year's of steady gaining. A bit frustrated by the stall and slow loss, but also recognize the need for patience and learning. Diagnosed at age 6 with hypoglycemia--I have a lifetime of damage to heal. Giving myself time. I don't have loads of energy, but my energy level is steady through the day. Very noticeable. Much to learn. Seeing how you have figured out every detail of what works with you--and that you're ok with what you're body needs--inspiring! Food sobriety!yes! Former binger learning also! Thank you.

    1. Hello Unknown. Thank you for stopping by the blog. I'd be curious if you find good results with LCHF/Keto living. I find that not over consuming fat (total calories) is key to weight loss/maintenance. I also find that certain foods ( for me steak -leaner if I need to lose, more marbled if I'm in maintenance) and dark meat chicken to be of huge help with my on-off signals for stopping binge urges. And seeking the elusive satiety. LOL.

      Take care and here's to what you need to do for food sober living. :)

  4. Hey Karen,
    I was just reading this post carefully. I had kind of skimmed it when you posted. Anyway, I hit my scream weight this morning of 130 and am taking measures to get back to the 123-125 range.

    One thing that I had previously missed was your mention of dry eyes which I have too. I never associated eating fat with this problem. Thanks for the input.

    Anyway, in looking back on my fitness pal, I noticed that last year at this time I was also up on my weight so that was "food" for thought. Ha ha I did eat some of the Halloween candy before my husband took it to his office, but not enough to account for my total weight gain. Since my original goal with WW was 140, I'm still doing fairly well, but I feel MUCH better when I'm at least five pounds lighter.

    I know it takes a LOT of work to provide us with so much detail and I, for one, appreciate it so much. Thank you.

    1. Hi Caron!!! Yes!! Dry eyes... since part of my dry eye is mechanical... Ophthalmologist dx that I don't completely close my eyes when I blink, that combined with aging means drops. I can't go too high in dietary fat, so a few drops (especially with the Santa Ana winds) are very helpful.

      Best wishes on the return back to a few pounds lighter. I know how much work it is.