Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weight maintenance podcast recommendation: Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

Weight Loss for Busy Physicians Katrina Ubell, MD

You don't have to be a MD to get a lot out of Dr. Ubell's podcasts. She gets right to the nitty gritty on

1. Thought processes
2. Practical ways to think about permanent weight loss
3. Address common pitfalls
4. Answers questions
5. Is a Mom and practicing MD

You don't have to be an MD to get a lot of take away information.  Do it, take a listen.

I have episode #66- Getting Up Close and Personal with Hunger as a favorite in my podcast player.

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My April and early May update soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to download this and listen to it. I have not been inspired by many weight loss podcasts recently and have done most of my research by reading. But I read that she is not a proponent of snacking so I'm on board with her. I think intermittent fasting, ditching the snacking, and dropping all sugar except berries and dark chocolate has been huge for me. Your knowledge once again is so helpful!

    1. this podcaster is not 100% grain free, but I find that the emotional and behavioral tips, tricks, and training to be spot on. Just apply the LC and fasting food templates.

  2. Thanks Karen. I look forward to listening. Podcast recommendations always welcome. And congrats on continued weight maintenance. I know you work hard at it.