Saturday, February 3, 2018

6 years, Long Term Weight Maintenance, Plan like your life depends on it!

May 3, 2011 to Feb 3, 2018

May 3, 2011 to Feb 3, 2018

Six Years long term weight maintenance!

Sustained!!! Because I planned, adjusted, worked it, planned some more, measured, took quick action.  69.8 pounds off.

I can't believe it's been 6 years!. Oh, wait, I had 1-2 years of food addiction withdrawals and a year or two of unintended gain at my goal.  I did a lot of work in 6 years. Every day, every meal. Every single waking hour.

Don't be fooled. Several of the folks that I used to blog with in 2012 aren't alive right now. That is incredibly sad. Food addiction can kill and/or rob one of a life that is full.

I know how fortunate I am. The Girl Scout cookie sellers disease still knocks on my door, I won't answer it.

Okay, I can believe it. Best thing I did to go from weight loss to weight maintenance was to break FREE of weight loss. A weight maintenance plan is very, very, different. Failure to plan weight maintenance and I was more likely to meet my fat pants again. I had yo-yo dieted 40 years!

Failure to customize planning doesn't work so well. Trust me on this.
My weight maintenance plan is one that works for me.

One that fit my upholder personality.
One where my support liked Paleo, LCHF, Keto and fasting.
One where my Keto support knew that overeating dietary total calories or too much fat could make me fat again.
One where I was accepted as a food addict in recovery.
One where my food addiction community knew that oatmeal and fruit could cause Type 2 Diabetes.
One who understood that daily weighing is a tool
One where food tracking was beneficial
One that was tough not moderate
One that was honest and I learned from missteps and corrected them
One that set firm boundaries
One that got help when needed.

Plan like your life depends on it.  Because it may. Because I was ready to have a heart attack or stroke and go broke from high health plans. Good thing I got ahold of myself, my habits, my behaviors, my thinking.

Because weight maintenance =/= weight loss

Get a plan, change up if it's not working. Sustainable. Not just for me, for many. If Paleo, LCH, Keto doesn't work for you, move along. You deserve a weight that does work for you.

All I plan to do is nap the next 6 years...!

What didn't work for me.

 A plan that:

One that was not upholder based
One where my support hated Paleo, LCHF, Keto and told me I was going to die (not yet suckers!)
One where my support ate fat to satiety yet continued to gain weight and ignore common sense
One where you HAD to comply to eating grains and fruit despite high glucose readings
One where I didn't weight daily and got made fun of for doing so
One where I got made fun of for tracking and told I would gain weight tracking my food
One where I was moderating all foods and getting yelled at for not eating frosted chocolate cake
One where I hid and did not own my own food addciton
One that did not set firm boundaries around abstaining
One that had people telling me to go ahead and eat that cake/cookie/candy, that I was depriving myself of wheeeeeee, tee-hee-hee life... (all the nopes on this one! A food sober life is great, by the way)

Look find your tribe. If weight maintenance has you regaining, that's common, but not normal. So make a plan that is sustainable. Leave the echo chamber and learn something that does work.

It's a lot of work. Sustainability. That's the goal.  Cat photo for Kate and Ali  :)

I'll do stats and weight graphs tomorrow!


  1. Great post, Karen! I LOVE the cat photo! (Mine is on my lap right now as I type on my iPad). Yes to a tough approach, yes to too much fruit being problematic (I wish I could convince my colleague with Type 2 diabetes that she should not be eating grains and fruit), and yes to the possibility of over eating fat and total calories on keto. It does happen!

    1. THX Ali. When the opportunity is right "Why don't you eat fruit" then I will say "Well my glucose goes sky high and doesn't go down for a long, long time after eating fruit. It gives me joint pain and high risk for T2D. How's your 2 hour post glucose on that banana, oatmeal, mango?" Crickets.

      Some of my friends are from tropical regions and can tolerate high sugar fruit just fine. Most cannot, but don't know they are fueling their disease risks each time they overload on sugar that their body cannot process normally. Best thing anyone can do is do fasting, 2 hrs post, and get a glucose reading before bed, then customize- IMO. Paying attention to fasting and HA1c are also key to the long term. Fasting insulin would be fun, but I have yet to be offered one based on my good management of my T2D risk.

      I shudder to think the T2D's being groomed that follow blindly on the binge eating and food addiction oatmeal and fruit regime. Food addiction is a disease of liars, so they are told they must follow this food template.('cause otherwise they are going for the box of doughnuts- yes,I'm a recovered addict, I get it.) Ugh... I didn't fall for it- fruit, oatmeal, doughnuts- all make me sick and in physical pain, thank goodness. I approached two group leaders about this and got quickly dismissed as a lying addict. Top of the top "experts" Lordy.

      Virta Health, Heal Clinics, IDM in Toronto, these places get it. One stop shopping for food addiction and T2D. Thank goodness there's places to go where the science has caught up with current times.

      That's the nice thing about being an "Upholder" I can follow my own rules, stick to it and be in remission without getting T2D. Win-Win!

    2. Yes to all this! My colleague with diabetes told me her glucose levels were very high, yet when we had a carry in with sweets, she said she "had to indulge." No one has to indulge! When I eat sweets (I still do at times though I am really being careful), I do not fool myself at all. I can go to the office carry in, drink coffee, and no one cares! My colleagues thinks its wrong to give up food groups completely. That's her perogative. I know I now feel much better abstaining from grains and junk. I used to be able to eat SAD food and not have a problem. Now I do, which I guess it a good thing because it prevents me from indulging. I now get an upset stomach and my joints ache.

      Besides I am perfectly happy with some good ground beef or bison over sautéed veggies with some clean pasta sauce that I buy from Thrive market. It tastes good and keeps me full!

    3. I know, Ali, simple food, tastes so good. I wouldn't go back to the old food template. No way. :)

  2. You are inspiring. Congrats on all the hard work of the past six years. We know it's worth it!

  3. Thanks, Caron! Hope you are well. Thank you for your support over the years!

  4. So we've been blogger friends awhile then :) It's six years also since I lost my weight but unlike you, I've not been as strict and regained some. Yes, maintenance is hard but I'm still proud that my regain is minimal compared to previous "diets" I have been on. I do plan on getting more on track this year though - my body yearns for more low carb food!

    1. Thank you Lynda!!! You are a great example of weight maintenance. For sure. I think all weight maintainers go through minimal gain. I know I did and still do. Safe travels to you and your family.