Monday, May 29, 2017

"Eat Fat Until Satiated" careful what you tools adopt, does it work for you as an individual? Sometimes it works! Sometimes NOT

What's working now: RE: Weight Maintenance Long Term, 

Tracking food intake rather than eating fat to satiety. I'm still Paleo, LCHF with Keto sprinkled in due to a 17:7 fasting, eating window.

I'm by no means low-fat. The SAD and DASH diets  work even worse for me.  Eating low fat and low salt- made me sick and obese, for sure.  My hs-CRP was 6.8 before I started lower carb eating. Yikes! I was only 46 at the time. And lower carb eating brought lower blood pressure, and the need for adequate salt.

I eat ADEQUATE fat, protein, and  carbs for my age, activity level, body weight, genes, and good sleep.

1. Tracking my food and staying within certain parameters that give me best lean body, best muscular body, best sleep, and that in turn gives me the best long term weight maintenance.

I've got to just say, I'm Paleo, LCHF and sometimes Keto, but I cannot use the tool that most folks use "Eat Fat Until Satiated" or full. Guess what,? I only feel reasonable full feelings maybe 33% of the time.

  • It's luck
  • I've had enough sleep
  • I'm not stressed out
  • I've not chosen a binge food (think abstaining)
  • The stars are aligned, planets, and extreme woo
  • Unicorns are pooping rainbows 
  • A magic fairy preps the food with MLM powder, for hundreds of dollars a month
Oops, my inside voice is speaking out loud.
Sorry about that. Ahem... back to the topic at hand. 

What hasn't worked in the last 5 years.

I cannot eat fat until I'm full. It took me a long, long time to figure it out. But that's okay. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel the correct signals.  Getting the correct fat signals is a true gift, please add that to your gratitude list.

I've come to the personal conclusion that most do get an "off signal". I don't always, which makes it better for me to track my food intake and stay in the same general calorie, macro, and food template for 6 months to 1 year at a time.

Then I re-evaluate. Am I gaining, maintaining, or losing? 

What does work:

2. Knowing and accepting why: most likely my FTO (obesity and diabetes associated)genes and my extra Ghrelin (hunger hormone) gene. Both came out to play when I was 6 years old. While I have the genetic predisposition to be obese, type 2 diabetic, and over eat, I use my tools so that I don't have the gene expression, MOST OF THE TIME.

I still get inappropriate full/hungry signals. I will likely the rest of my life. I don't need to Paleo/LCHF/Keto harder. 

Ghrelin SNP's that express themselves are a real force for me to contend with in weight maintenance

I give myself and anybody who is in my situation major kudos for successfully getting to their best health and their best weight maintenance despite their odds, what SAD diet they were sold, and what tools being offered up as a best practice. It's not always easy, sometimes it is. Okay good for you, that it's easy. But for me- it's a lot of work.

I didn't have access to the right tools so I could be successful in the past. Once I started using the right tools, I had a lot more success. 

Yep, I was obese in the 1970's, at age 6. Now age 51, I don't have obesity, same genes, different food template

What didn't work in the past for me

WW, counting points, Low-fat (for weight maintenance), counting calories, low meat, low avocado. Doesn't work for my health. Might for others. Skinny Cow Ice Creams didn't work, but some folks maintain weight oaky with one thrown in there.

SOAP BOX time: There is no one way, only the BEST for YOU WAY.

There are various ways to lose weight and to maintain weight: 2-3 will work better than other suggestions. Don't feel bad, just get to work on the right tools for you.

It may be Paleo, Primal, LCHF, Keto, Gastric Bypass, Low Fat, AIP, Wahl's Protocol, Pescatarian, DASH, maybe even Vegetarian- who knows?

I will say that low processed foods may be the best for any food template. That's probably something we can all find helpful. Real, whole foods.

Adequate fat, protein, carbs- for right now

If you track your food intake and have found that by not eating unlimited amounts of fat helpful, please know you are not alone. Keep working on your own personal food template for your overall goals and age and genetics.

Any thoughts on this? Constructive, please. I'm not sure about anyone else but all I get are fat pants If I over eat dietary fat (and calories for that matter). I have limits, I use tracking tools,,and that's okay.

Caution: I see it a lot in support groups and there seems to be a lack of acceptance that not everyone is going to lose weight by eating fat until they are full. We may be in the minority, and I fully respect those who can, but should we be open minded enough to accept there are different paths for different folks?  Just like moderation, abstainers will get the heave-ho from many support groups. Ugh.

The boot can be a good thing, though, if it helps you arrive to the right support group.

Purchasing expensive products also seems to be a trend. I did for weight loss, but got off them quickly for weight maintenance. Financially either my kid goes to college or the MLM-er gets lots of trips... easy decision for me.

40 years prior of fat pants, the next 40 years are mine, 5 down and 35 to go. Higher Power willing.

And there is no magic fairy. Most of my tools are now free or inexpensive.

I eat ADEQUATE fat, protein, and  carbs for my age, activity level, body weight, genes, and good sleep.

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