Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eating (your food template) to your (glucose) Meter- Youtube video, glucose monitoring for the win!!!

I've got all kinds of holiday prep projects and I have lots of posts in my head.

So, while I'm busy getting my most important project work done, along with cooking 98% of my meals,  walking 5-6 miles per day, gym X2, with Tabata sprints, I'm going to leave this awesome youtube video, right here!!!

I never got diagnosed type 2 diabetes, however, I would have been pre-diabetic (which is STILL a T2 diabetic) had I gone to the doctor Jan-April 2011. I also would have switched back to high risk type 2 if I had not stopped eating sweet potatoes, Lara bars, and dates (yes, Paleo, yes, too high glucose for me)

I use  many of the tactics used in this video, to a large part. I make sure the foods in my food template do not spike and keep my fasting and 2 hour post glucose high.

My spikes are well under 20-30

The way your own body responds is key to customizing your food template

What doesn't work
1. Potatoes, winter squash like pumpkin, all dried fruit, and bananas are out, for me- I'll get into 100's and not come down for hours and hours or even overnight!!!

 Of course, I abstain from grains, most processed sugars, and dairy (because low fat dairy has a lot of natural sugar that keeps me looking diabetic, plus it's high inflammatory for me- joint pain, extra mucus....)

2. Not monitoring my glucose at home

What does work, with some natural fat & moderate protein
1. Carrots, white onions, raspberries and blackberries and 85% chocolate are IN, limited quantities
2. Periodic glucose monitoring at home when switching seasonal foods or small changes

Onward. Who else at high risk monitors  glucose at home periodically? Very low cost compared to the mainstream medical problems from high glucose.


  1. I have never checked my glucose but I am sure I was at high risk for developing diabetes years ago.

  2. Hi Donna, Yeah, once I gave up the calories in calories out- WW point counting (doesn't work well, yes calories matter, but processed high sugar carbs and grains are GOING to effect your fat storage.), then I was free to experiment with metrics that mattered a whole heck of a lot more.

    Like glucose.

    Jacking up my glucose with dried fruit, regular non-berry fruit was taking me right back to the weight and to what would have been type 2 diabetes. I can tell you fruit is no way "free" as WW would tell you. I was being groomed to be a type 2 diabetic in those meeting rooms. Certainly makes a ton of money for WW. And they are publiclly held on the stock market.

    I wish more people would have told me that home glucose monitoring would be key in long term weight maintenance. Unless you are super young or genetically wired to eat a lot of fruit, it's not going to end well- IMO.

    Nice to shine a light on my root causes and own my own data. If I had not checked glucose, I would be overweight by now, AGAIN.

  3. I just requested to join the FB group. I am also going to order new strips and start testing again.

    1. Hollie, Promise me you will read the pinned post and abide by the rules of the group. I'm new to it, and it's the most strict FB group I've been in, but it matches my food template well. Good luck and do not post anything until you read and listen. :)

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