Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slowing down blog posting for a few months Spring 2016- still food sober

Koala- San Diego Zoo April 2016
I'll be posting a little less often for a short time, although I'll still do my monthly updates.

I will hit my 5 year food abstaining mark on May 3, 2016. I'm celebrating by ordering a year of the iPhone app called Head Space. It's meditation based. I've had some great outcomes and I do credit the longer meditation times

As I spend my time relaxing a bit, I spend less time on the computer and TV.

Here's what's working: I'm still food sober. Really. Just clearing the way and concentrating my efforts. One thing I'm smart enough to have learned in 5 years of jumping off the binge eating routine is to keep my food sober food template. No matter what.

There is no break from the foods that keep me well and the habits that contribute to them. I prioritize that over the other things. Food sobriety makes life so, so much easier. I get paid back 10X the effort I put in to food prep, planning, dish washing, walking and the gym. Wait make that 1,000,000 X improvement. ;)

What didn't work in the past was not prioritizing myself and my health. I can't do anything about my genetics. I can effect what foods I put into my body so I get most of what I want for a health outcome. For sure.

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  1. Oh I love the photo of the koala, so cute.

    Congratulations and well done on '5 year food abstaining mark on May 3'

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  2. I've missed your blog this month but happy for you choosing more offline time :)
    Congrats on your anniversary and thank you for teaching us so beautifully about health !