Sunday, April 17, 2016

4 years, 2 months in Long Term weight Maintenance, Carrying On and keeping off 63+ pounds

Starting weight: 187.4
Goal Range: 115-125
Current weight : 123.6 pounds
Keeping off 63.8 of 70 pounds
Time in maintenance: 4 years, 2 months!!!!!
Age 50
Menopause: 2+ years
Height 5'1"
Auto-Immune Hashimotos: 1997
Food Addict in recovery: 5th year

Ave glucose =78 over the last 30 days!!!
Current food template(s): Paleo, Low Carb Higher Natural Fat (LCHF), 
Ketosis most of the time 
modified AIP (no nuts, no dairy, I can eat tomatoes but not fennel or mustard-who knew?)
modified Wahl's Paleo Plus protocol ( I can eat eggs)

Yeah, I maintained this month. I had some sort of viral illness around April 1, 2016 and my weight shot up to the highest in 4 years. But the good news is I'm feeling better and I do plan on staying the 123's this month. 

Here's what's working

1. Daily weighing
2. Eating a LCHF, Paleo food template 
3. Abstaining from sugars, grains, and other inflammatory foods
4. Walking 11,000-15,000+ steps per day
5. At least twice weekly gym upper body workouts

What didn't work in the past

1. Avoiding the scale
2. Moderating the SAD diet.
3. Eating foods that did not work well with my genetics and promoted binge eating
4. Sitting most of the day, thinking 4-5,000 steps was "adequate"
5. Only going to the gym for hours of chronic cardio (didn't work)

Welcome to my new, local blog followers. Hit me up in comments or send home questions you might have about blogging, health blogging, or weight maintenance. :) Glad to share my story with you. 


  1. Thank you for being so honest, Karen. This is why I love your blog--or at least one of the many reasons. What does mustard do to you? How do you react? I still have removed grains permanently (except for a rare, rare treat) from my diet. I'm still undecided about dairy. I need to see how much cheese causes me to break our--or if it does. I am more committed to removing sugar though I like two squares of dark chocolate a day. My weight has been trending higher because I had bronchitis with limited exercise and next week I have to have patch testing done and cannot sweat or get my back wet. I will stil walk though. If I had not changed my diet radically in the last year I would have gained a lot of weight due to minimal exercise from my health problems. But I think I am finally coming out of this period and can really give me weight the laser focus I need to get off the weight I want. At least my clothes still fit, but they are getting tighter. Sigh... But a minor victory I had today was having lunch with an old friend. She ordered pâté with crackers and cheese. I was not even tempted, which is big for me. As you say, onward!

    1. Mustard makes my face swell up and my eyes start to close. Several things like fennel have emerged as being no-gos in my food template.

      I did a Whole30 and that really cemented the no dairy for me. I had so much acne. I still get it from time to time, but it resolves pretty quick now. I learned from Sarah Fragoso that acne = inflammation and dairy was often a high inflammatory food. I later found out that I was lactose intolerant and no one told me post Hashimotos that dairy could cause problems. sigh... better late than never. Cystic acne had me in tears a lot.

      Glad you are facing a better year health wise. Hang in there and keep going. I think your diet changes will put you in the best possible weight maintenance.