Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ideas that I bring with me into 2015 (from 2014)- keeping my train on the tracks! #1 Acceptance

Keeping my weight maintenance train on the tracks 2015
IDEA #1:I accept that my biology is/was changed fundamentally in long term weight maintenance.
In the past, my food addict brain told me some pretty false stories so the addiction part could live. So I could continue filling up my dopamine receptors with processed sugars, grains, and even lots of fruit.

Once full, I just wanted more, more, more.

I realized that certain blog posts, ideas from podcasts really popped for me in 2014 and I think about them in 2015 a lot.

 Things that pop for me:  I'm meant to learn, digest, try out, and bring what works along with me.

1. Dr Berkeley's post Have we fundamentally changed?  Around the topic of starchy carbs "Think of it like an allergy.... the cause of the problem doesn't matter. What is important is that we understand that we ARE changed and will remain so."

My take away: Acceptance of my Lower carb, real food, Paleo-ish, modified AIP food template. Hey! It's not my fault, but my responsibility to take charge of my health.

What I tell myself to stay sane: 

 I am changed, I have changed and I choose foods that make me well. I choose this!   I may never know why, but I accept the responsibility of self-care.

 I may never know why, but I accept it and eat from the food template that is low inflammatory and helps me live the most pain free physical and emotional life. Time will pass anyway, I might as well choose foods that make and keep me well.

It's okay not to know why, however, it is not okay to make choices that make me ill. 

What didn't work:

1. Moderating high inflammatory foods, high carb frozen diet meals, WW 2 point bars, and oh, God Forbid- insert name of candy at the grocery store that is sold as buy one get one free,  into 1-2 point baggies.  Guaranteed binge time there, not just a few WW points....  I have to turn my back on those displays upon check out. In fact, I try not to shop at regular grocery stores as much as possible.

2.  Using food for purposes other than fuel: I used to "use" both oatmeal and low calorie ice cream as a delivery vehicle for my food addictive toppings.

Okay, does anyone else accept that there have been some fundamental changes in food/food environments that just don't work anymore?  I know that age was a big factor. I lost 60 pounds when I was in my early 30's at WW, but sustaining on crappy food choices just didn't get me to weight maintenance OR good health.

But for most of us, the cause of the problem doesn't matter.  What's important is that we understand that we ARE changed and will remain so.
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But for most of us, the cause of the problem doesn't matter.  What's important is that we understand that we ARE changed and will remain so.
- See more at:
But for most of us, the cause of the problem doesn't matter.  What's important is that we understand that we ARE changed and will remain so.
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  1. Great post as usual Karen. Dietary choices and what we now know have changed in recent years and so many more people now know about it thanks to blogs, forums, articles that we can all readily read on the internet.

    Each of us still have to want to make wiser choices about our health and fitness levels - no-one else can make that decision for us it is down to each and every one of us.

    With apologies if I sound like a 'broken record' I am so with you when eating from a lower carb and real foods template. I eat no more than 50 carbs per day, balanced with higher natural fats like avocado, butter, nut, I eat moderate protein...... and this works for me and many I know.

    How have your other readers found things?

    All the best Jan

    1. Jan, thank goodness for the internet... connecting to others like you, when you go against the grain so to speak is key. I love I can connect to my British, Aussie, and Kiwi friends.

      "No one else can make that decision for us, it is down to each and every one of us"- Indeed, truth!!.

      No worries about the broken record, I strive every day to stay below 50 (maybe long hiking days excluded) Just out of sleeping better... ahhh good sleep.. :)

  2. I am in my mid forties and have lost approximately 70 pounds. I accept that I cannot eat any whole wheat or regular pasta or many carbs. I am trying to wean myself off carbs completely. I also must limit my fruit intake. I know on WW that fruit is often considered "free." Not in my world! And I severely limit fruits like banana and watermelon. I do eat one1two pieces of fruit a day (which I know is more than you do), but I adamant about vigorous exercise (lifting and intense cardio). I have a friend who lost a large amount of weight on WW but gained back 20 pounds in nine months because she didnt watch her diet. She told me that she was rationing chips into a Baggie for her to eat when she was hungry according to the point system. I didn't say anything but thought in my head, "That would never work for me." She alsow wants to get to 18 percent body fat, but I'm not sure how she will do so with that kind of eating (even if it is low calorie). But who knows, maybe she will be successful.

    1. Ali, I'm glad that you have learned about fruit not being free for you. I know some people can, but I'll bet that more people keep their glucose/insulin super high and the cell signals = store fat. In fact I see this in real life a lot.

      Yeah, any strategy involving little baggies of points counted junk food was the gateway to a binge for me. Always, no exceptions. I bought a case of zip lock baggies and now I use them for chicken livers and gizzards to store in the freezer- LOL

      Thanks for sharing your acceptances.

  3. PS I meant to say that I am trying to wean myself off grains, not carbs!

  4. HI Ali! (and Karen.) Ali, I was about to warn you about giving up all carbs, so glad you corrected yourself. :)

    Great post, Karen.

    The greatest challenge this past year (first year plus of 'recovery' / weight loss maintenance) has been continuing to work on breaking all my bad nutritional habits/stress knee-jerk reactions. I knew they were unhealthy, but 60 years of bad eating habits don't end overnight. 21 years to form a new habit? Might scientifically be correct, but those 21 days of 'forming' the new habit doesn't mean you are bullet proof when the stress occurs in normal living. The key has been a persistence in striving to better myself and my nutrition every single day. I finally feel, for the first time, I can get through stress and keep totally to a healthy diet. AM doing it, right now. Several large, looming issues in my life, and if anything, I've buckled down even tighter in my eating, so the disappointment of (mildly) poor choices don't add to my woes.

    It's a journey, and it takes persistence. Thanks for being a great role model, as always. :)

    1. Gwen, kudos to you. Just that you recognize your patterns AND are willing to address them via habits, processes and focusing on nutritionally dense food. And not using food to soothe,

      Keep up the great work! Meal in, meal out!

      PS- Ali, LOL yes... of course, weaning off grains. ;)

  5. 21 days, not 21 years (for a new habit. dur. LOL)

  6. My favorite line was about oatmeal being delivery vehicle for additives. So true. Is eating oatmeal, should be able to eat it plain, or fooling self. When I used to eat it, I added split pea protein powder, so totally not fooling myself. No ice cream sundae taste there.

    Ice cream sundaes disguised as coffee is another one I see all so often too.

    I would even add dark chocolate. If eating less than 90%, probably actually eating it for the sugar (taste) and not the chocolate. . .

  7. Powerful post, Karen.

    Changes in food/food environment... I am still losing (crosses fingers), so I am still figuring mine out. When you eat 50 g carbs, is that gross or net? I am still trying to figure out my carb level. I've done several successive 50g days and had no losses. But, I do have losses a little higher, like maybe around 100.
    My otherwise-healthy green protein smoothie in the mornings may be a little bit of a delivery vehicle for me, historically containing 1 - 1 1/2 servings of fruit, with a tendency/desire to creep up. But, my blood sugar readings actually showed me a drop in FBG from drinking it. So maybe it's a "healthy" crave, an HONEST signal from my body? And not a false signal from my food addict brain?
    Like I say, I'm still figuring mine out.
    BTW, I love your line, "I CHOOSE this," so empowering. I also love Vickie's line, "ice cream sundaes disguised as coffee." Word.