Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cheering on all the Whole30, AIP, and FODMAP challenges Jan 2015

Best AIP with references to FODMAPs
I know a lot of people, online and in real life that are starting Whole30's, 21 Day Sugar Detoxes, Auto-Immune Protocols, and looking at removing FODMAP's  (see Roni's Weigh Post)

Roni could have bandaided her symptoms with a drug but is now looking at what FODMAP's might be at the root of the cause.

Here are my best resources: Most info is available for free at the sites I'm linking.

Seek support from those already there.

It Starts With Food: Whole30
Nom Nom Paleo- Michelle Tam's site (Whole30)

The Paleo Mom (AIP and FODMAPs)
Mickey Treascott (AIP and FODMAP's)

Practical Paleo- Diane Sanfillippo (21DSDT and FOMAPs)

The Whals Protocol (low inflammatory, MS, IBS)

What works for me:

0. Eating real foods and eliminating some foods is my best tool for long term weight maintenance. Hands down-Best thing ever!

  • Binge triggers
  • High inflammatory foods
  • Foods that keep my blood glucose in check
  • Foods that keep my body lean and muscular
1. For those of you about to commit to 30 or 21 days. I salute you for using those tools to get to better health rather than pop some pills and hope for the best. Food is a powerful form of nutrients and even medicine. Here's to finding your own custom food template for your best health results.

2.  I'm not needing to do any of those elimination diet because I learned what I needed from my Jan 2013 Whole30 and my low Carb and nut free challenge of April 2013. I eat mainly within my food template day in and day out. 24/7.

3. I do small food experiments, during the year, that are a modification of AIP, low carb high fat (LCHF) as needed throughout the year. In 2014, I eliminated eggs for 30 days and pork for more than 30 days.

Eggs = keeper!
Pork,including lard = remove 99%

4. If I would have known how full, satisfying, and healthy and YOUNG I felt by just eliminating some foods, I would have done it years ago.
  •  I don't miss sugar and grains, I do miss dairy a lot, but I can use coconut milk as a sub. Not the same, but I'll take it. 
  •  Legumes and nuts.... meh...who cares. Migraines, I don't miss. Nut binges, GI problems with legumes
  •  I miss pork a little bit. I think lard has a great flavor profile, but for me, it's inflammatory.  
  • I'm OVER all of it. The pain: physical and mental 
  • There are no tiny violins playing.
5. I kicked obesity and binge eating to the curb after 40 years. Sweeter than any frosting or cake I won't be eating in the future. 5-10% of folks will regain a large amount of weight after losing a large amount by 3-5 years post weight loss.

What didn't work in the past.

0. Telling myself BS :that I would binge if I didn't moderate frosting, cookies. In actuality, I binged because I ate those foods. It's not my fault, it's the way the brain chemistry I have works.

 But I did need to step back, get REALLY HONEST and stop BS-ing myself and kick that part of my thinking to the curb. I don't have a sugar/grain deficiency. I don't need those processed foods to live. REALLY.

1. I stopped using many drugs 300-500 ibuprofens a year by eliminating high inflammatory foods. I stopped buying Tums, Mylanta by the bulk. I stopped using a proton pump inhibitor Rx. I stopped being gassy to the point of people wanting to call Roto-Rooter - laugh if you must, it hurt like H*ll, spending 30 minutes at a time in the bathroom. I stopped wondering if I was going to have a heart attack, stroke, and or type 2 diabetes. Now I know I'm very unlikley to have any of those things. Even with the genetics for type 2.

2. I couldn't stop binge eating long enough to evaluate.
  • Yes, stopping sugar and grains was hard, but binge eating constantly was mentally and eventually physically harder. I've done worse things in my life. 
  • Get some support for the physical and mental withdraw.
  •  No,no I  DID NOT have a Lara Bar or Medifast Pancake, or Paleo Brownie deficiency. My mind and the people selling products or getting hits on websites wanted me to think so... you can power through weirdo cravings. (no offense to those of you who recently consumed these products.) I did "use" them during my transition year from Medifast to Paleo.  It worked for me for a year.
  • Get some support. I know how powerful the pull can be. Facebook groups, Food Addiction groups, binge eating groups. Abstaining won't harm you, despite what your binge brain thinks. You can re-introduce anything and make up your own mind about any food 21 or 30 days later. 
3. I stopped experimenting once I learned what didn't work.  I am super stoked that I didn't have to give up eggs, because chicken eggs are inexpensive and I'm the sole sources of income at my house.  If sometime in the future I need to give up chicken eggs, most people can have duck eggs. A little bit more $$, but high inflammation will cost the most to my body and organs in the long run.

4.  I thought  my weight, acne, headaches were all part of aging and unavoidable. All went away by removing food that triggered the inflammation. Pity I spent so long ignoring symptoms and taking meds.

5. I put the YO in yo-yo dieting with food plans that didn't work for long term maintenance. Calorie counting, WW points). Moderating high inflammatory foods just didn't work for me.

Are you, or have you used a Whole30, AIP, or 21 sugar detox in the past? How did it work for you. Are you practicing what you learned? Why did you go back to old habits? What road blocks do you have to getting back to what works for you?

If you are jumping into a new food template, seek support from those already there


  1. Great post. I never did the Whole30, but I applaud those that use it as a springboard to learning their own unique needs and how going grain free, sugar free, processed foods free can FREE their life of all the physical misery they are suffering. :)

    1. Thanks, Gwen. Eye opening how many health issues went away. Much cheaper and less painful (as you know).

  2. I didn't do a Whole 30 (I was already on a plan that was working for me when I read the book), but I do recommend the book It Starts with Food because it's such a good laymen's introduction to endocrinology and how hormones are affected by diet.

    1. Lori- it's so funny, I went to look for my It Starts with Food book and I've lent it to someone and I can't remember who!!! LOL, I need a lending library list for my books.

      Glad you like the book. It's the one I recommend to my friends and family IRL. Very good resources.

  3. I read Roni's information. She hit the nail on the head, I HATE lists like that which only say what to avoid or eliminate without giving a list of what TO EAT.

    1. If you see a list of WHAT TO EAT for auti-immune vegetarian, would be interested and thankful. Not a book. Just a list.

    2. Well, Vickie... the reason that you'll see food lists to avoid is that those are things that are the ROOT of the problem. The foods to eat are so variable for the disease and the persons genetics that one list won't fit all. Google "Practical Paleo FODMAP or Practical Paleo Auto-Immune". FODMAPS are so, so individual.

      Also google The Wahls Protocol. I've heard her interviewed and she does talk about her protocol with vegetarian template. She states that it's tricky to get the nutrient profile needed with plant based diets.

      Google Chris Kresser and FODMAPs, too.

      Curious, did your daughter's docs recommend some animal protein like fish, chicken broth etc for a full amino-acid nutrient rich foods? I ask this because so many people who arrive at a Paleo/Primial style of diets were so sick with auto-immune after many years of vegetarianism/veganism. Somewhere around 20% of the big names people couldn't feel well - even though they did for 1-3 years at the start. Down stream they needed animal based proteins to deal with the disease. Good luck and let us know what you find. I hope that your daughter and find what food works for her and heals up as soon as possible. Auto-immune stuff is super tricky in diagnosis and recovery.

    3. I have been wondering all that myself.

      I ate vegetarian for a couple years and found it difficult to maintain.

      If she started right back in with chicken for example, I think it would make her sick as a dog. We would have to start slowly. Like broth mixed in with things.

      She does eat eggs. I think I could get her to eat tuna if it was mixed with something.

      Mayo put her on more vitamins. Not a word was said about food. And I am glad, because one can only handle so much at a time. Needed a bit of time to adjust. Just starting to think about it.

      She is symptom free once we got her off the wrong meds. A real fooler, because her insides are sick, we know, but from the outside one cannot tell.

  4. I have done the Whole 30 in the past and I'm redoing it to kick start the new year.

  5. Congrats on your Whole30. Best reset I ever did. Here's to carrying what you've learned this time, connecting to what you learned last time. Good luck and let me know how it went. What foods you'll be leaving out, what foods you'll be keeping.

  6. I have been doing Whole30 for almost a week now. It is not much different from my normal eating, just took off occasional cream and mozzarella cheese, 1tbs heavy whipping with my daily afternoon coffee, Fage Greek yogurt and am not using butter for cooking. I am enjoying eating my home made mayo and BBQ sauce. No need for me to buy at store any more. I am actually enjoying it! I am actually surprised that I am feeling better. Seems like removing dairy, even the small quantity I have been having makes a difference. Most of all, I am not missing it and not feeling deprived.