Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekend check-in, keeping on my food template during graduation and family celebrations

This Osprey being tough!
It's weeks like this one that I congratulate myself or being "tough not moderate".  It's been a week of visiting with family and friends, graduation celebrations, a quick trip to the fair (another blog post soon)  and time off work.     

It's also been a week for me to stay food sober and stick to my food template. No matter what. The forces that got me to be 70 pounds overweight are still around, I choose different path.

I'm also very thankful that my family doesn't even blink an eye when I whip up a Paleo-ish or Primal breakfast for them. I don't blink an eye when they break out the strawberry shortcake and ice-cream at game night. I might brew myself some good decaf coffee, but I stick to my 99% processed sugar free template. Wondering what the 1% is? It's the teeny bit of sugar in 85% percent chocolate. Two small squares, most nights. I could take it or leave it. That's how I know I'm not addicted to it.  It is what it is.

I used to justify special occasions to overeat. Now my self talk has me justifying longer walk times on the lagoon trail and a 20 minute time slot to do strength training at the gym. Whole new world. 
Lagoon views

Moderation strategies used to enable me to stay in a bad for me cycle. Eating little bits of junk food kept me hooked. It's what everyone told me to do." I MUST learn to eat all foods". "Normalize all foods". I'm sure that works for some people. It's a train wreck for me. Good thing I can think and feel for myself!  That's a critical step for anyone during weight maintenance and/or recovery from emotional or binge eating. 

What's working
1. Eating a Paleo-ish food template
2. Living a Primal lifestyle  as much as possible (playing out doors, sleep, strength, small, medium, long walks, no chronic cardio)
3. Being "tough not moderate" on my food choices
4. Thinking for myself 
5. Communicating to others that I can think for myself.
6. Taking breaks from the family celebrations for myself. Walks, strength training, time to grocery shop and cook.

 What didn't work in the past
1. "Treating" myself to graduation party food and eat-outs for "special occasions"
2. Not taking time outdoors just because everyone else wanted to stay indoors. Chronic Cardio- to work off that graduation cake slice (or two or three). NEVER worked, by the way..
3. Not being tough enough to stand up to my slippery slope thinking.
4. Not thinking for myself
5. Not speaking up when I knew I needed to speak up
6. Not training others that I take time to take care of myself. Not de-stressing and letting stress and binge eating take over.

Osprey flying over the lagoon


  1. I need to come stay with you for a little bit and get back on track. It's been a stressful time and I've lost my focus. Thank you for THIS post today. After maintaining for 4 years, this 15 - 20 lb gain has GOT to go! You inspire me Karen. I know what to do. Now, I'm going to DO it!

    1. KC.. I hear you. There is a lot of power and "good feelings" that come with taking a plan, doing, and looking at the outcome. Then repeating or continuing on. A very wise person once told me "What got us here (good or bad) may not be the thing that keeps us here. It applies so much to me to maintenance. Very narrow operating window- IMO. Good luck.

  2. Food should help us make us feel our best. And there is really no good reason to eat food that makes us feel anything but our best, no matter what the occasion. I, too, used to "justify" eating certain foods because it was a "special occasion" (and we are so good at coming up with endless special occasions...).

    Now, special occasions are about the people for me. I usually don't eat anything because most gatherings fall outside my eating window. And I actually the company a lot more!

    I always love your what's working/what didn't work in the past lists!

  3. Andrea, I'll tell you, reprogramming my internal "thoughts" around certain foods was such a critical step in my maintenance plan. It's so true, when I'm not "using" food for something other than fuel, I can interact with the person and the be in the moment much better.

    If I didn't make my lists ( I know they are repetitive) I'd be right back on the old re-gain cycle. :)

  4. Great to spend time with family and friends as they celebrate ...and great to stay on food track.

    I love your lists they are helpful to all.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan