Friday, May 2, 2014

No Grains, No Gains- topic Changes in the Family, after going grain free

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This month's topic: Changes in the family, after going grain free.

I was once told, by a great counselor : "When you stop eating emotionally, your entire family dynamic will change. "
Night and day difference

It didn't really sink in until years later. I started and stopped eating emotionally. It wasn't until I removed wheat  in July of 2011 ( I removed real sugar in May of 2011) that those words sunk in.

Physical food: What I buy, eat, and where we eat out profoundly effects both of us.
Thought changes: How we think about: how well we feel after we eat food, habits

1.  I stopped buying big bags of processed snacks.
Before: Pirates Booty
Now: Bulk mixed nuts

2.  I stopped buying little bags of snacks.
Before: 100 calorie packs (cringe, this still gives me the sads)
Now: I buy beef jerky, containers of guacamole, full fat cheese

3. I stopped buying chocolate milk boxes.
Before: Hershey's chocolate milk boxes
Now: I buy full fat yogurt, and sometimes almond milk or coconut milk

4. I stopped buying juice boxes
Before: 100% juice boxes in every lunch (it's 100%, it MUST be good.. sugar, sugar)
Now: Eat a real piece of fruit, water bottle in the lunch bag

5. I stopped buying and making pizza
Before: pizza was a regular food group at my house
Now: We use marinara on bison or beef and Italian spices

6. I stopped buying baking staples, boxed brownie mixes, and "treats" at the grocery
Before: I'd by big boxes of Ghiradelli brownies at Costco
Now: We can pick anything we want on the fruit/veggie/meat side of the farmer's market 

7. I stopped bringing home baked goods from work.
Before: I'd wrap up what ever left over cookie, cake, brownie, food from work- extra from meetings
Now: I don't eat at work or bring home left overs.

Thought changes:

1. I started asking "Am I hungry, are you hungry". And serving accordingly.
before: Same portions, same meal times
Now: Okay to eat little or more of the template foods based on your own hunger. Eat later, but on a real foods template if you are hungry.

2. How does that make you feel after you eat it? 
Before: We'd eat, what ever- bread, sugar, etc. Bloating, tiredness, lay on the couch, movies & nap.
Now: Less sitting on the couch. More active dog walking, moving around

3. Long term genetic considerations: What foods provide good bone growth, low allergy, overall good health, low inflammatory etc ?
Before: I used a lot of canola oil and margarine OR I was afraid of fat I would use applesauce (as moisture in muffins!!! ) There was a lot of soy involved, too.
Now: I use coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter (for Jr. Family member)

4. How does the food allow us to do our activities the same or next day:
Before: There would be hot pockets and processed frozen dinners. "Too busy" to cook.
Now: Okay, you're in kayak camp, I'm walking a lot today and doing strength at the gym- how about some good protein and fats tonight ( fruit for my daughter since she eats more carbs)

That's it. Those are some of the change in foods and thought processes. I'm so impressed that by changing my own diet, I've helped set a better foundation for being well for my daughter.

Check out the blogs of my other No Gains, No Grains friends to see what family changes they've seen since going grain free.    Gwen, Lynda, Leigh, and Jeanette .


  1. Hello Karen!

    I wonder how old is your daughter and does she follow paleo like you do?
    Did she lose weight as well?


  2. Hi Twihnb, My daughter is in her early teens. She follows a Primal style template, but only 70% of the time or so. Maybe more. I let her choose her foods. That being said, I rarely buy bread. She does notice feeling better overall without wheat, but she is not completely wheat free. I'm dairy free due to being post auto-immune hypothyroid (Hashimotos).

  3. Sometimes I see a Paleo or primal blogger say that they give their husband or children the cakes or cookies or breads that they don't want to become did with, I would rather they throw them away! If we believe it is not good for us, it is not good for our family either!

    1. I can see the old addictive patterns re-emerge with baked goods and snacks. I knew I was enabling my self and allowing future health problems for me and my daughter with my actions. I got branded as a "mean mom" by a few people when I refused to take home cookies and muffins that were left over. I asked those people if they would like to take my daughter in for the pre diabetes work up and pay all the co pays involved. Funny , nobody took me up on that offer. ;)

  4. Great changes!

    I think filling the house with healthy foods and not letting unhealthy foods come in is important. My husband and son eat some grains, but it is becoming less and less. Since they still like bread, etc. once in a while, I started making a few things with almond flour. When we are out (which isn't very often), I don't say anything, but they both notice they don't feel very good when they eat grains and sugar...

  5. Ditto to all you've said. We do have some treats in the house now for the grandkids (not sweets) but they no longer interest me. Other than that, living in a clean environment certainly makes eating healthy easier. Baked goods were my downfall but I have beaten that - never thought I would be that is what is amazing about cutting wheat.

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