Monday, October 21, 2013

Nice to want to be in photos again- being present in weight maintenance

10/20/2013 Tide pools, favorite place
I take a lot of photos. It's just nice to want to BE in photos finally. I went to try to find a similar before photo and could not, because I spent a lot of time hiding from the camera. The photos are there in others collections, but in my own collection, I deleted the "big pictures" in a quick click. Denial mile.

Now I ask for my photo to be taken. Glad to be in a better place and be present.

What works
1. Being photographed

What didn't work
1. Deleting photos and thinking I could hide.

It's so worth the work. No processed sugar, no grains, lots of life in living.  To be present in life.  Onward.


  1. Oh Karen, we are absolutely identical in this. Totally and completely.


  2. I feel exactly the same way. I love having my picture taken now!

  3. I still don't like the camera, but I don't delete pictures anymore unless they are fuzzy or the expression on my face is completely idiotic. :)

  4. I don't have many "before" photos ... I would delete them too. I still struggle, even though I've lost (not to goal yet, but getting close) I still don't feel like pictures capture what I see in the mirror. I just don't feel photogenic. I'm actually in the process of writing a post on this topic for tomorrow (just tips on how to present better in pictures, hopefully I can incorporate them into my own life!)

  5. Thank you Gwen, Debbi, and Caron. Jen B, I still struggle to this day with some photos. I have a lot of loose skin, so some photos look like I still may be 20-30 pounds overweight. Sometimes, the compression factor of the clothes or the style make a difference too. Good luck, it does take time for the mind to get caught up to the new body. I get what you are saying about the photos and the mirror.

  6. Yes, I'm with you I've always loved being around tide pools.....

    All the best Jan