Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rule 2, step 3- Think strategically

I'm choosing a rule, with a sub-rule from Refuse to Regain (by Barbara Berkeley, MD) to write about. My opinions are my own, your experience may vary.  I would highly recommend the book.

Rule 2, step 3- Think Strategically

During the 3 month opt out (that time after weight loss, in the first 3 months of maintenance) the author (Barbara Berkekely, MD) suggests several strategies or behaviors and encourages us to come up with our own.

Out of the ideas listed in the book, several really popped to the top of my list to try.

1. Observe others closely- (my own comments) this behavior for me cements why I won't be going back to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Holy Smokes. I see what people pack back at regular meals, special meals, and the items that are set out for snacks and in candy jars and dishes. What????  I know, I used to be one of them. I was part of the problem by what I brought & bought at the store. What I served at home and at pot lucks.  I own that, and it wasn't so long ago. When I was eating "S" foods, I could not maintain my weight in a healthy range.  If I did maintain, it was at a very high BMI.

Observing others also indicates who is on a similar path as I am. It's very interesting. Hard to remain silent when one is feeling so good. I wait until someone asks why I'm not grabbing mini-snickers bars or when someone comments on the good smelling chicken curry and wants to know how I made it. That's when the window for talking about a Primal/ Paleo style of eating is open. Or why I don't subscribe to moderation theories.  That I could eat that crap "yummy food" but I'd gain weight back in a flash. Or that I'm healthier now than I was in my 20's.  Or that I struggle much less. Or that I don't have joint pain any  more.

2. Wear Revenge clothes
 (my own comments)
Yeah, I do this on some days, and I like it. Most of the time, I dress professionally during the week. But,I only wear clothes that fit well these days.

Something about being the "fat kid" growing up, being teased, being told "move more, eat less", and that I should eat sweets in moderation otherwise I would set myself up for a binge. (What???).  Wait, Wait  for it,...... Zip Zip Hooray. That's the sound my zipper on  my size 4-6 pants make every morning that I slide into them. I make no apologies here. And, I've dressed dumpy for years. Getting clothes that fit properly and look decent is one of the highest NSV in my book. It doesn't have to cost a lot if you go to second hand stores and pace your new clothes. For me the psychological aspect of baggy, ill-fitting clothes is just not good. And if you have gained weight ( it happens, I know, I've lived it)- get clothes that fit. Tight clothes fool no one.

Okay- feel free to discuss any strategies that work(ed) for you below. The book  has even more. I'll leave you with a favorite quote of mine. Weight maintenance is a whole new life.

"Learn it, know it, live it"  (Brad Hamilton- character from the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High)


  1. I completely agree with you about the fashion thing. In fact, that's what I'm talking about today on the blog.

  2. I totally agree with the clothes. I frequented a upscale consignment to update my wardrobe every size.

  3. The more I read your blog, Barbara's site, and Mark's Daily Apple, the more convinced I am that eating some version of primal is the way for me to get off my last 20 lbs and then maintain. If you could recommended just one or two books (I have purchased Refuse to Regain already) about eating primal (possibly with a weight loss focus), what would they be? What about a simple primal/paleo cookbook--nothing too fancy, fairly basic cooking techniques? Thank you for sharing your success, Karen!

    1. Hils, I'll Do a full blog post in the next night or two to answer your questions with links. Computer problems have me posting from the iPad. I've been wanting to do a paleo/primal linked page. I'll comment here when I get the new post. Soon!!!

    2. Thanks, Karen! I'll look forward to reading that one!

  4. One of my biggest maintenance tools are my no stretch jeans with the waist band that hits me right where any excess likes to cling. If I am going thru a rough patch, I have been known to wear them every day