Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fast Food should not be "normal"- video from Yoni Freedhoff

 Fast Food should not be "normal" video

I really liked this youtube video from Yoni Freedhoff.

I agree with his message. There is very little fast food I can eat and stay at my goal weight now that I eat from a Paleo/ Primal template. And that is a good thing, in my opinion. It will keep me healthier, longer.

I can modify some restaurants to make items work.

1. Chipolte- salad bowl with meat, lettuce, salsa, and guacamole

2.  California Pizza Kitchen- Cobb salad, no croutons. Ask for oil and vinegar or bring my own for dressing.

3. The Counter-Custom Built Burger- fabulous, I can build my own. No bun and only Paelo type fixings. Love.

4.  Food Trucks- there are several local food trucks with Paleo offerings, so lucky!

5. Mexican- fajitas with vegetables, add guacamole- hold the tortillas and chips.

At nicer restaurants
5. Seafood - very tricky to make certain that flour hasn't been dusted around.

6. Steaks- yes, this works. Pair with a salad.

What doesn't work so well

1. McDonalds
2. Chineese
3. Pizza
4. Italian


  1. I suspect you will like this story. It is a real eye opener. Went to sushi restaurant with my husband and son. I watch what I eat carefully. I have to watch sodium especially. Talked to the waitress at length. And I had no intention of eating sushi. Went in thinking I would have a salad. Salad was all fixed with dressing. Dressing was loaded. Talked to waitress about steamed veggies. She checked with kitchen and their veggies were routinely steamed in sugar water. She did not know. I had never heard of such a thing. In the end, they sprayed a pan and cooked some plain chicken and raw/clean veggies for me. I appreciated their honesty and effort.

    I have a Greek restaurant which will cook whatever I want, the way I want it. We eat there about once a week.

    I get carry out from deli at local food coop because they will give me a copy of the recipe so I can see exactly what is in it. I cook from many of their recipes. The reason I buy ready made there, is to get portion sizes for variety without making a big batch (we are down to three at our house, husband and youngest eat lunch away from home every day).

    My youngest eats salad bar at school every day. She makes salads with the raw veggies and gets a side of real fruit, usually an apple.

    1. Good story, Vickie. One dusting of flour on veggies or in seasoning can wreck an evening and the next morning for me. I love restaurants that will work with me and are honest. I find the translation (literally and figuratively) doesn't always work when communicating in some places.

  2. Like you said - there are some restaurant foods you can adapt or choose to make a healthy choice, but it is really difficult. I just take the easy way out and avoid the whole restaurant industry. I only go out to eat a few times a year.

    1. Yes, Diane, I agree. I save so much money by not eating out. It's amazing. That way I can pick my favorite restaurants and it's a special event.

      Total bonus that by home cooking most of the time I can stay healthy and maintain my weight.