Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee Day 2012- Celebrate!

Coffee pot is is camouflage for this tortoiseshell.

Happy Coffee Day 2012!!! I'm celebrating, the kittens are celebrating. Life is good!
Coffee has played a part in my weight loss and weight maintenance, in my opinion. 

What works for me:
1. Drinking coffee in the morning (YES, please). I'm a morning person, I'm going 100 miles an hour, but I tend to be grumpy and get a headache without my morning 2 cups.
2. Using coffee to socialize, relax, & treat myself. (Black coffee only- no fancy drinks!). Nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee and reading at a local coffee house or going for a stroll on the beach. Love the beach & coffee culture. Fortunate to have it year round. 
3. A good cup of coffee can fill a gap before it is time to eat.
4. In the evening, I use a cup of decaf coffee as a signal to stop eating. And, ordering a cup of decaf is satisfying while others are ordering decadent deserts. My "stop eating" signal and choosing to forgo a large sweet bomb keeps me ending the day on a good note, and I wake up feeling even better. Awesome tool to know & use.
5. I mostly make coffee at home, to save $$, but I do use black coffee as one of my only food treats, without problems.
6. Using the excuse "I'll want some grounds for my garden" and then heading out to a coffee shop. Heh, Heh, Heh. My plants do seem to like coffee grounds. Major points if you spot my slippery slope excuse to go out for coffee in this step. ;)

What doesn't/didn't work for me:

1. Drinking regular coffee past 3-4 messes with my sleep.
2. Drinking coffee beverages with more than black coffee.
3. Drinking coffee and thinking I deserve a biscotti, cookie, or other "treat" I gave that up for weight loss & maintenance.
4. Making sure the lid is placed on a paper cup so the sipping hole on the lid is away from the cup seam. If the drinking hole is right over the cup seam, it becomes a dribble cup!!! If you place the lid on the cup over the non-seam area, you are good to go, no drips. Try it, it works. You are welcome!

Enjoy Coffee Day 2012!  I raise my cup to you, cheers.  Karen P.


  1. I love me some coffee too:) Happy coffee day!

  2. I so look forward to my morning coffee (a Large from the Keurig, with unsweetened almond milk) and that is usually my only one of the day. Very rarely will I have one in the afternoon (today I did...dark damp cold Saturday; it was like a treat) and if I'm out, an iced coffee black or a hot coffee with skim milk is also a very occasional indulgence. I've forsaken it for a couple of weeks once or twice to see if it had any effect on my weight (it didn't) and I lived to tell the tale, but I didn't enjoy it!

    1. My Keurig crapped out early this year. So sad!! I'm thinking of one for Xmas. I tried almond milk , coconut milk, but usually, I just stick with black. I think it's great you tried it without and know that it doesn't make a difference. Drink a cup of Keruig for me,Norma!

    2. before my husband bought me my Keurig for LAST christmas, he researched and found household machines frequently have wimpy ... pumps, i think it was. he got me an "office" version, and although it's noisier, it's a workhorse!

  3. Well, I didn't know it was Coffee Day! Everyday is coffee day for me, too. I have the same daily deal as you and it has worked well for me throughout my weight loss and now my sort-of-in-maintenance-mode. I say "sort of" because I'm still figuring out if I've reached the goal I really want for myself. But without coffee, I don't know if I would have been as successful. I do, however, add sugar-free (I know, I know!) creamer that I seemed to be addicted to. That will be my next thing to cut out, but for now, it helps me forgo the dreaded snack in the evening (decaf, of course).

    I just ordered Refuse to Regain. I want to make sure I have a good plan in place like you :)

    1. Hi Shrink to Fit,

      I used to use Equal, but once I transitioned from Medifast onto Paleo/Primal during weight maintenance, I was able to switch off and go black. It just happened over a few weeks time. I find if it's really good coffee, that I don't miss anything in it. Good luck and glad to hear you are getting that book. Karen P

  4. I head straight to the coffee pot each morning. I drink my coffee black and quite strong too. I make four cups using the coffee pot as a guide but it actually fills my mug twice which is perfect. That is my coffee for the day except in rare cases when it is really cold weather and I decide to have a cup of decaf coffee to warm up. Hope your "Coffee Day" was terrific. :)

    1. Love coffee in the AM. I'm a wreak without it. :)

  5. I'm a coffee lover too, but only decaf for me. I drink it black and do enjoy a cup after dinner. I especially like it if I'm with friends who all want dessert. It gives me something to do while they eat apple pie or chocolate cake.

  6. I agree that coffee can get people in all kinds of trouble. You make good points in this post. I have seen more than one person self sabotage with ice cream sundae disguised to look like coffee. And sleep is a huge issue for many of us. I personally only drink water and avoid caffeine hugely, but I have a super sensitive system. Anything but water leads to HUGE bladder issues. With water only I have no frequency nor urgency and do not EVER have to get up in the night. I think you are very wise to self monitor.