Monday, September 3, 2012

7 month weight maintenance update

Kitties doing the 7th inning stretch

 7 Month Maintenance Check-In

Weight : 114.4
Goal weight: 115.4
Weight over the month: 1-2 pounds above goal weight
Long term goal met: weighing in for my health insurance discount.
Exercise: Steps- keeping around 9-10 thousand a day- most days.
Strength training: 1 day per week  ( not enough-no excuses)

My weight has been a little higher this month. I've gotten a lot of comments that it looks like I've lost weight. Interesting. Now I understand a little better why some in the Paleo world do not weigh-in or use their scale. I am back to keeping my carbs 80-100 grams a day to see if I can maintain at or below my goal weight of 115.4. The lower carb range really seems to help. I cut out one fruit serving a day and that's all it takes. Very do-able.  I've included the 3 month graph. You can see the shift in the graph. My "scream weight is 119". I just want to avoid the weight creep. The 115-116 pound area is where I have a natural weight plateau- but the 113-115 area is where I maintained the first 6 months. Time will tell where I'm supposed to be.

Long term goal met:
Yeah! I weighed in for my 2013 health insurance discount. I was in my normal BMI and my waist is below 35 inches- so a $30 discount a month is MINE. I figure I'm saving much more than $30 a month in avoiding co-pays for obesity/chronic disease type of doctor visits. I love this. It's very motivating for me to live well and save some cash. Time is going to pass and spending my money on something other than health care is well worth this effort. The 2014 discount is now a new long-term goal.

One side note: At the blood draw/ bio-metric measuring- I weighed in a full 4 pounds more compared to my home scale. The clothes and some water I drank really added up this time around. This is even more motivation to keep mid- BMI and to stick to my weight maintenance template. I used to maintain around the cut-off of my BMI healthy range. 

Exercise:  The pedometer continues to motivate me to keep my steps higher and to keep from being sedentary. Love it.

Strength training: No excuses. The biggest mental block (and it's all mental) is not having my gym clothes with me on my way home. Because if I arrive home- it's a lot harder to go back out again. And the gym is all lit up like a casino as I make my way home. I have to remove all excuses and then there won't be a problem. So- I will be packing my gym bag the night before and placing the bag in the car. Using a sticker system on my calendar. Jr. Family member can call me out on it if I miss.  I will reward myself with something at the end of the month for 2 days of gym a week. Once I'm at the gym- I love it. I feel great. And I know it's good for me.

Off to go to the gym. No better day than a day off work to get my September started right.

* ( key board is not working- so no comma's today. will need a replacement- naughty kitties dumped coffee- not hot-just messy- on the keyboard- love the kitties- sometimes too curious.)


  1. Sorry about the keyboard but you could probably buy a new one for the $30 you'll save.

    1. Me: I found an old iMac style key board in the office. Totally retro looking, but functional. Kittes also chewed my iPod head phones. Being very careful what I leave out during the day now.

  2. I know that maintenance takes work, but it is so worth it. My "scream" weight is 138 and I do not like to see it on my scale. You are doing great! :)

  3. You are doing a great job! Congrats on saving $30 bucks a month - that's awesome!! I am very inconsistent with strength training. I think if I went to a gym that would change.

  4. Thank you Caron and Diane. I kept up my promise to go to the gym and so far so good this week.

  5. I have clothes which are not my favorites in the trunk of my car. So I have a full workout gear set, that would go unchosen in my closet, in my car for emergencies. I also have an old sports bra, socks, etc. I have them in an old tote bag so they stay clean. My yoga bag stays in the trunk. I used to carry one full change of clothes for each kid in a big zip lock bag (when they were little). My girls always keep a full change of clothes in their locker at high school (uniforms) because cafeteria, female, art mishaps occur at least a couple times a year.