Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Cities for Succesful Aging- link to website

The Commons has aged gracefully, Crystal Cove State Park, CA
I found this 2012 ranking calculator (because I LOVE data) for Best Cities for Successful Aging from the Milken Institute very interesting. Here's the link to the calculator.

Here is the link to the Successful Aging web page with PDF down loads and more.

Weight loss and weight maintenance play a huge part of my long term goals for health, fitness, and living as well as I can until I die. Sometimes it's hard to think about aging, health in my 50's and beyond.

It feels good to know that the work I'm doing now will help me down the road, hopefully, long and healthy. And it's fun to think about where I may travel or live in the future, too.

First time setting a "schedule" for my blog posts. Hope this works...


  1. Hey, I just wanted to say congrats on getting to 6 months. Last time I was at goal weight (1996) for 6 months I lost a kilogram for no reason. I should be where you are now in 7 months. To successful maintenance!

  2. Thanks! Good luck on your transition time. It's been interesting this time around. A lot easier eating cleaner!