Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weigh Daily = Weight Maintenance Sucess

3 months and one week into maintenance.  Staying steady at a 73 pound loss. About and pound an half down from my goal weight.  "Within normal tolerance and meeting my own acceptability criteria, no shifts or trends noted" says the scientist within me. LOL.

I have to say that daily weighing has been hands down one of the best tools I could use in maintenance. Some of my maintainer friends weigh in daily, and at first, I thought it was too number focused. After reading Refuse to Regain (Barbara Berkeley, MD) and reading more maintenance blogs, I did find a sub group of maintainers that weigh daily.

Right now, I like to look at the points on My Fitness Pal graph as "data" and take a step back from it. Is the spike cause by eating too many macadamia nuts, almond butter, or a salty meal? Normal hormone variation? Stress eating?  No real good reason at all? Catch up from last week? Some of it correlates, some is a mystery. Always will be.

Anyhoo,  I have been able to take a few steps back, look at it as data on a graph, assess what's going on and most importantly move on from it no matter what. Because too much analysis = paralysis. Life goes on and is not about the number on the scale.

I do want to nip any corkscrew, slow shifts, or (heaven forbid) rapid ascents in the bud. I really liked this article on the Refuse to Regain site Pivot, Corkscrew, Ascent: When to Panic   I've done both the corkscrew and rapid ascents. Neither are fun or good. So I'll stick to my daily weighing habit.

How often do you weigh in? What do you do if you've shifted or trended up?


  1. When I reach goal weight I plan to weigh myself daily, at least for the first year. But hey, congratulations on reaching goal! I've added you to my "at goal" blogroll. Every now and then I find a new WL blogger who has reached it. It always makes me smile (and be a touch envious).

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  3. I am totally, 100 percent sold on daily weighing. It's what helps me maintain all these years because it keeps me accountable and aware of where I am. Great job on reaching your goal weight and these first months of maintenance!

  4. Hello, first timer to your blog :)

    I'm not in maintenance (I wish!). I know I'll get there. Really, I have no choice. I do weigh myself daily. It helps keeps me in check. It does discourage me at times, but it also is a great motivator and encourager.

  5. Hi Lucy! Welcome to the blog. I do find I can make adjustments much faster with the daily weigh. Weekly weigh-ins are just too far apart, in my opinion. Good luck! Karen