Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 28, so close to a healthy BMI 25.05

Ahhhhh! Week 28. This is my last week in the overweight BMI range. My BMI is 25.05.

Lost this week 1.4 pounds

Total lost is 54.8 pounds

Ave loss per week is 1.96 pounds

So, even though my weight loss for this week is not very high, I've lost inches and was able to buy size 8 pants. All I can  say is that give an A+ to the Lee slimming pants and jeans. Very helpful after a large weight loss.  What isn't gone is nicely smoothed out and concealed. As one of my former bosses used to say, "My beauty days are over, now it's all about functionality! "  Oh, so true, Linda. :)

My Medifast order is going to miss the new cookies, but I've given away bars for friends to try, so I really need that shipment before the holiday week. The Medifast cupboard is starting to look bare. Oh well, the Medifast Chocolate Chip cookies will be a nice Christmas treat.

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