Sunday, February 17, 2019

Food Addiction and Dr. Robert Cywes- Must Watch You Tube Series

If you or friends and family members struggle with weight maintenance and/or weight loss Dr Cywes' video series is available for free on youtube.

The whole series is posted here  LINK

A huge shout out to Doug and Pam from Low Carb USA for hosting and posting this very important video series. 

After 7+ years of blogging about weight maintenance, I wish I could have had these videos way back in 2012 when I started maintaining my 65-70 pound weight loss. 

I'll be  rewatch the entire series and post about how I've implemented key take aways and of course what works for me in 7+ years of recovery. Oh, and free, the materials are available at no cost. 

Here's the first video as an introductory

And then Chapter 1

Kudos to Dr. Cwyes for discussing a tough, yet very sensible topic that many of us have struggled with in the past. 

I can't tell you how much a Paleo, Low Carb, Keto because I fast, and meat off the bone has helped me get far into food addiction recovery. Saved my life. Really. I have enormous gratitude for those who have spoken about this and given freely of their time and resources.

Onward and here's to doing the hard work that recovery from food addition requires. 

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