Sunday, March 18, 2018

6 years, 1 month update March 2018 Weight Maintenance

May 2011 to March 2018 Long Term Weight Maintenance

May 2011 to March 2018 Long Term Weight Maintenan

I'm still about 2-3 pounds over my best weight, but that's the way the LCHF avocado slices.  LOL.

Really, finally feeling better from a super, super mild cold. I'm always a few pounds heavier. Nothing that more consecutive fasting days, monitoring my total intake, and keeping good stress relief going.

Few binge urges this month. It happens. It's going to happen. Maybe one lapse on... pork rinds. Whatever. Food addiction is a disease of liars. So yeah, I had 2 servings of pork rinds. Not doing that again for a long time. For reals. Pork is no, 2 servings of pork. Yeah, that's a lapse in the house of Karen.

Facing it head on and using my tools. Got right back on track.

No off switch. Using My Fitness Pal and Fitbit for the win!

What's working now
1. Daily weighing
2. Recording on My Fitness Pal
3. Monitoring my activity on Fitbit
4. Recovering in 1 meal from a lapse
5. LCHF, Keto, 18:6 fasting most days

What didn't work in the past
1. Not weighing in often
2. Not recording my food
3. Not monitoring my activity
4. Attempting to recover after 2-3 months from my primary binge
5. Using even a mild cold to binge eat comfort foods.

Started May 2011
Time in weight maintenance 6 years, 1 month

Starting weight 187.4 lbs

Goal Range 113-125  lbs 
2017 best Goal Weight Range 113 to 116

Current Weight  118.6  lbs
Keeping off    68.8  lbs

Age 51
Menopause 4+years
Hashimotos 20+ years
Height 5'1"

2018 Stats
BMI  today mid-march    22.4
BMI  ave  half of march  22.4   
BMI ave Feb           22.2
BMI ave January     22,2

2017 Stats    
BMI ave December 22.0
BMI ave November 21.9

Graphs, there will be graphs.


  1. I think it's great that you are honest with yourself about your trigger/problematic foods. So many people are not. My last "binge" (mine was a real binge) was about eight weeks ago. And it was on crappy Wendy's fries and a fish sandwich.

    I've lost a few since I tightened my eating window and stopped snacking. But my health is still a big challenge, and I see the doctor on Wenesday. I'm prepared for bad news. That way I won't binge afterward.

    I was talking to one of my best friends who looks amazing at 43 and lifts heavy. He claims I'm obsessive about food and doesn't understand why I just don't do moderation. His sister lost a lot on a commmercial program, and she still looks a bit fluffy to me. Our culture is so used to overweight people that normal/fit people often look too thin to others. I'm hardly thin--more normal--and he doesn't understand my reliance on the scale, on my clothes, and on eating whole unprocessed foods. But I don't answer to hike I answer to myself. Onward, as you would say!

    1. Oh yeah, I hear it all the time... So and so went fill in the blank Zero Fat, vegan, WW and lost weight. Yay for them, I've tried all that and was a zit faced, obese middle aged food addict. Ughhhhhh.

      Glad you dropped snacking. The time restricted eating window is probably as important as my LCHF abstaining plan at this point. Once you stop binge eating , then recognizing a lapse is pretty easy- dealing with urges, not so much. But practice keeps even lapses very low risk for me. Not very often, and I get stopped. A good reminder the food addiction lives, but yet my fat wants to come back.

      Thanks for stopping by Ali.