Sunday, December 3, 2017

New Keto Podcast - Keto Woman, Daisy Brackenhall

Podcast recommendation: Keto Woman (iTunes link)

Daisy's FB page link 

I enjoyed interacting with Daisy Brackenhall over at the Ketogenic Forums, so when she started her own podcast, I was thrilled.

Please go subscribe to the podcast, download some episodes and learn from other woman who have improved their health with a Ketogenic lifestyle.

I need to keep my head in the game, so listening to success stories is very good for my long term game.

PLUS! I can recommend certain episodes to my friends who suffer with some of the same disease states that Daisy's guests have overcome.

Let me know if you like this podcast, too. Fabulous.

I'll be updating my Paleo/LCHF/Keto resources with the Keto Woman included.

Here's to staying well and continual learning.

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