Thursday, October 26, 2017

Run! From fun-size Halloween Candy 2017 because obesity and diabetes are far from FUN! 7th Food Sober year

RUN!!! If you are an abstainer, I'll hope you are like this Sandpiper. RUN from slippery slope thinking at Halloween.

Run from these slippery slope thinking when considering moderating fun sized Halloween Candy. Because Obesity, Binge Eating, Diabetes and complications are far from fun.

Think about the time lost in life- brain space and painful diseases that stinking thinking brings. It's so NOT FUN!

What didn't work in the past

1. I can eat just one (nope! I'm a food addict, I used that excuse all the time, It was never one)

2. I can buy candy I don't like and pass that out ( proximity = high chance of binge)

3. I can buy candy and bring the left overs into work (what left overs?)

4. I can bring it into work ( I must have hated my co-workers, sorry peeps!, They struggle, too)

5. Everybody eats Halloween Candy, it's okay for me to moderate (no, not everyone eats this crap)

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are at record levels. Good news, remission is possible. But only if you as an individual choose to walk away from the current environment and stinking thinking.

What works now

1. I abstain from all candy  ( exceptions small amounts of planned 85% or less often 70% chocolate)

2. I buy small amounts of candy to hand out ONLY if my other family member wants to do so. (I recognize not all people need to abstain 100%)

3. I make any extra candy hit the trashcan, with bleach poured over it. 7th year, no dumpster diving. Yaaaay!

4. My co-workers deserve better. I'll bring in meat or vege, or spices, or olive oil to share for general use. All holidays do not require junk food to celebrate.

5.  Food addicts in recovery, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Type 2 Diabetics, Type 1 diabetics, NSNG and more- Many of my friends and support group abstain from Halloween Candy. Ain't no big deal. YO!.

Recovery is sweet enough. Here's to a Food Sober Halloween 2017. You deserve health and wellness, not painful diseases and struggle. Onward!

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