Saturday, April 15, 2017

5 years , 2 months in long term weight maintenance 2017 update

May 2011 and April 2017

May 2011 to April 2017

Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Goal Range 113-125  lbs
Current Weight 114.4 lbs
Keeping off      73.0    lbs

Time in maintenance 5 years, 2 month

Age 51
Menopause 3+years
Height 5'1"
BMI 21.6
BMI ave this month 21.7
BMI ave last month 21.9
Glucose (fasting & 2hr post this month range 68-95 mg/dL)
Glucose (fasting & 2 hr post last month = 68-113 mg/dL) ! Shingles caused some higher readings

Food Template:  Ketosis- mild and  LCHF Paleo, AKA- NSNG
Abstain from all grains, sugars*, dairy. Nut free, artificial sweetener free **
* 85% chocolate 1X per day
** Tiny bit of stevia in my Natural Calm

Food Timing or Time Restricted Eating Window or Intermittent Fasting 17:7 or 18:6

18 hours fasting (water only)
6 hours eating, 3 meals
Eat 6am Stop eating at 12 pm

Or 17:7, I change it up a bit

Auto-Immune Hashimotos 1997, 100 ug Synthroid daily
Food Addict in Recovery: 5+ years
High Risk, but never diagnosed Type 2 diabetes

Walking 13,000-14,000 steps per day

Weight lifting : I took about a month off due to the Shingles, starting back today for 2X per week

Sprints on the rowing machine 1 days per week OR stair sprints 

Stair Ave/day for the month 14 stairs (Apple Health Kit)

What's working now:
1. Abstaining for the WIN!!!!

So, so, so incredibly grateful for Food Sober Living the last month. I've recovered from the shingles almost 95%. I need to bring my upper body strength back online and a few skin areas to heal up. 

I'm being very mindful to get back to my normal self and not let food addiction back into my life. If there's anything I have learned it's that I can take one or two bites and have a lapse after a big illness or life stressor. So, I remain food sober. 

And for that, I am very grateful. Thanks for anyone in the past that has helped me abstain. Kudos. 

What didn't work in the past

1. Moderating all food within a point value. Calories in Calories out really did nothing to keep me food sober. In fact, it kept me in food addiction for far too long. 

Graphs, got them!  You  can see the Shingles 1-2 pound bump! LOL. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Karen! You're one of the few success stories I follow and learn from. I think the true test is when you are exposed to somethung hard in life and can manage your weight then, and you have done that (with the shingles and death in the family). I will continue to take advice from you.

    PS Before I went on my cruise, I checked in your files for tips you shared when you went on a cruise and traveled to Hawaii recently, those tips were so helpfuk and wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Ali! I think the first 2-5 years is critical. Time for life to happen and for your biology and hormone responses to settle. Glad you are stopping by the blog.

      Oooh, also glad you are getting info for the cruise and the Hawaii trips. Traveling and coming back in a good place is an art form. Kudos for planning your trips.

  2. So interesting as always. Appreciate being able to see the science of it. Good self help, self support, self love. Think of what the shingles would have been like years ago.

    1. Thanks, Vickie!!! Oh, I can't imagine how painful a bad case of shingles would be. The looks in peoples' eyes who had it worse than I did... I can only hope that the vaccine given to the younger crowd and the anti-virals and the vaccines given to those of us who had it will help.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. I easily could have jumped off the food deep end during my uncomfortable days. Glad I stayed steady. It's very worth it. Broken skin and infection risk scare me since I've seen the worst cases.

  3. Woohoo, you!!!! Positively thing--from the front and the side, too. Go, you!


    1. Thanks, Deb. It's clear to me that my body is liking my food template and most things are optimized. Working WITH your genetics is possible- IMO. Onward.

      That overweight photo is my body saying "do something different!"