Sunday, January 1, 2017

A new support and resource group- 2 Keto Dudes and the Ketogenic Forums 2017 recommendation

2 Keto Dudes Podcast

Hello!  I'd like to recommend a Keto support and resource online forum Ketogenic Forums (pssst, you could use it if you are low carb, too, just saying...)

The group is the natural evolution of the 2 Keto Dudes podcast  and the result when their Facebook Group got too big to effectively manage.

A lot of the content and posts are public and searchable on Google. Some of the topics are listed as private.

Here's what I like about the Ketogenic Forums

1. Choice of platform is excellent- IMO, easy to use, searchable, rewards consistent use, intuitive.
2. Well moderated group.
3. Great resources, current.
4. Ability to start up topics that relate to you with the frame of Keto/ LCHF (Food Addiction, Weight Maintenance!)
5. Easy mobile device app for reading on the go.

Yeah!  If you are looking for a some great information and helpful, well moderated forms and others that are on your path, or if you are newbie ready to change your weight, avoid Type 2 Diabetes or get it into remission in 2017, the 2 Keto Dudes Ketogenic Forums come highly recommended.

Onward into 2017. Much of disease from modern day, processed, high carb foods is very reversible and is certainly preventable- IMO.  See you over on the forums.

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