Sunday, June 19, 2016

I'll be attending Low Carb USA San Diego 2016- time to tell our stories of what is working

I'll be attending the Low Carb USA San Diego 2016

I'm keeping 63 of about 70 lbs off for 4+ years using a 3 step approach. Equal parts

 Paleo/Primal + Low Carb / low level Ketogenic some days + Abstaining = my success.

Here's why I'm attending:
1. Low Carb USA is right in my back yard, one commuter train ride away. The Westin, San Diego.
2. The speakers are of high quality and from all over the world.
3. The attendees will be awesome people to meet and connect, many will have walked away from diseases like Type 2 diabetes and obesity, just like me. Or are wanting to learn.
4. Part of learning the lifestyle is to talk to folks in real life about LCHF.
5. Several talks on sugar addiction, so I'll be in good company. 
6. Discount code from the Low Carb Dietitian, use the word " FRANZISKA " to get $100 off your ticket.
6. I can sneak out and walk Sea Port Village, Shop at Horton Plaza,  the Zoo, Balboa Park  find new places to eat in San Diego. Heh, Heh, Heh

That's my yacht on the left, just kidding.....downtown San Diego

Here's What topics, foods, thoughts, behaviors  I'll need to be-careful about during the conference

1. Samples of fake, artificial foods that are often consumed in the LCHF lifestyle.
2. Bacon jokes. YO! I choose not to eat pork due to binge urges and facial swelling. Save it!
3. Virtual pot stirring:  Let's Not Bash higher carb people or lifestyles. REALLY, if you are successful AND have great long term outcomes with great biomarkers doing low fat, vegan, points counting- you do that.  Talk about what works. In other words, tell your story about LCHF.

My 2 cents: Keto/Low Carbers who bash others AND who still need to optimize their  outcomes need to work on what works for them FIRST,  and take a long, long look in the mirror. Let's think together, on parallel paths with sustainability  (The Savory Institute-must watch Youtube video) , organic produce, grass-fed beef, getting type 2 diabetes into remission or removed from your health history or off medications, or lower medications.

It's the only way we can gather momentum- IMO. Let's agree to talk about the scale and non-scale victories as a group and focus on positive take away's as a lifestyle. Let's tell our stories.
Bashing individuals  will keep us stuck, focusing on our scale and non-scale victories will keep the message flowing. We, as a group, will be dismissed as extreme or worse- IMO.

It's really tempting to bash the high carbers, I get it, but it doesn't get me disease free outcomes. It's all about me, me, me

Bashing other people individually  just doesn't benefit us as a group- IMO, so consider that, please and thank you!!  If Oprah is free from food addiction (self professed) and has great blood bio-markers (unknown)  eating all the bread, well, okay then, good for her. Is that the case for her? That's her deal, not mine. The good news, lots of money does not buy food sobriety, it's available very low cost. No chefs, trainers, high priced food plans (hint the higher priced oils will balance out your old junk food costs, just saying..)

  Eating grains and sugar doesn't work for me. Or for many, grains and sugars are well known triggers and barriers to good outcomes for long term wellness.

My own examples, 

A. I can drive my car and vacation more comfortably as a normal weight woman, without visceral fat.

B. I can spend my money on vacations and not on sick care.

C. I can practice my photography hobby to it's maximum by being able to hike long distances and stand without plantar faciitis.

C. I have not developed another auto-immune disease since my Hashimotos diagnosis in 1997. Once diagnosed, I have an increased risk of developing other auto-immune diseases. Of the 50 million people effected by auto-immune disease, 75% are women.  Far from being a chronic complainer, I needed much better tools in 1997 and suffered greatly for not being told to avoid dairy.

D. My volcano sized acne on my face is gone. I don't miss crying about the cystic acne pain. I'm saving a mint by not having to by acne products and cover up make up. Ugh!!!

E. I no longer eat cake and brownie frosting out of the top of trash cans since the LCHF helps put my food addiction into remission. 5+ years, no frosting dumpster diving. Whew!!! Disgusting, I know, but Food Addiction will fight tooth and nail to stay alive, the disease wants to come out of remission. I won't let it.

F. I'm a better, more present parent and mom to my daughter because I do not sit and binge eat Skinny Cow Ice creams while watching the Biggest Loser on TV. 

The message is more easily adapted by newbies based on what known and potential positives are in the outcome in the long run. It took about 1-2 years to unlearn the low fat message. It was hard to adopt a lifestyle that many told me would kill me. In 2012, LCHF was not as popular.

See you in San Diego?  Follow @lowcarbUSA on twitter for more information. Discount code FRANZISKA or $100 off tickets.

Low Carb, higher natural fat eggs, herbs, veggies, and coconut milk coffee for the WIN


  1. Love, love, love this! I love your positive message all around and focusing on what works for you. As you know, I would love to go if I were in the area. I am really trying to learn more, more, more about low(er) carb and high(er) fat. I think all the great resources out there are so wonderful now. I love Franciska, and others like her. I want to attend a paleo conference in my future. I also love Jason Seib (his attitude, his ability to be blunt and not sugar coat things, his sense of humor), and I would love to meet him in real life. Have an awesome time and please learn some great things!

    1. Ali, yes, meeting other people and chatting them up was awesome. I grabbed a costco bag of avocados and took them to PFX 15. Then I'd take one to breakfast and share with my breakfast mates whom were just random PFX people coming off the breakfast buffet line ( they were the ones with eggs, omelettes, and bacon- LOL).

      Jason is great. I've met him twice. If it weren't for the workshop in 2012, I would have Paleo junk food binge age my way back to my higher weights. Oh, and he warned us that his pre-menopausal and post menopausal women- if they had fat loss goals, that fruit was for lean people. His clients got better fat loss without the high glycemic fruits. Once you get lean, Jason said, then experiment around. He's very approachable and the same person in real life as in his videos.

  2. Wow, what a great line up of speakers!! That will be such a great event. I went to the "Low Carb Down Under" here in Auckland a few years ago and that was amazing. If I was there, I'd certainly go too.

    1. Thanks, Lynda! Yes, Gary Taubes, Volek, Dominic, etc. Wow. I'm excited I don't have to drive all 3 days since a commuter train will take me down within blocks of the hotel. Lots of $$ and time savings.

      I remember you went to that conference in Aukland. I love talking to other people about their stories.Good stuff.

  3. Don't bash the bacon eaters! I eat 2 to 4 slices daily and still maintain! ;) Keeps me out of the work break room carbage.
    Sounds like a great conference!!

    1. I wish I could eat bacon, KCall. LOL. It's like the time I had my tonsils removed and they promised me ice-cream and gave me yucky beef broth and cheap popsicles. Sigh!!!

      Bacon/Sausage- It's such an easy food to find at breakfast while traveling, between me kicking up the binge eating with bacon and being sensitive to fennel- I have to stay away from both. Oh well..... Glad you stay away from the carbage. :) Karen P.

  4. You're sure to have a great time and an informative time ...

    All the best Jan