Saturday, March 12, 2016

4 years, 1 month in long term weight maintenance- maintaining like a champ!

Starting weight: 187.4
Goal Range: 115-125
Current weight : 123.2 pounds
Keeping off 64 of 70 pounds
Time in maintenance: 4 years, 1 month!!!!!
Age 49
Menopause: 2+ years
Height 5'1"
Auto-Immune Hashimotos: 1997
Food Addict in recovery: 5th year
Ave glucose =75 over the last 30 days!!!
Current food template(s): Paleo, Low Carb Higher Natural Fat (LCHF), 
Ketosis most of the time, 
modified AIP/
modified Wahl's Paleo Plus protocol.

This month, solid weight maintenance, like a champ. My goals now are to do what is working

1. Continue to build muscle using free weights, body weight 
2. Meditate 75% of the days of March 2016
3. Stay in a total carb range for the day of 24-36 grams or so. Low Carb, Moderate protein.
4. Celebrate my 50th Birthday stone cold food sober with beef brisket, organic greens, good coffee, the beach, family, and friends.

Here's what's not working or what didn't work in the past
1. Not working out, and watching TV. Kettle bells on hold until mild positional vertigo resolves.
2. Using high carb and high sugar snacks to "relax and treat myself"
3. Eating 200-300 grams of carbs a DAY of frozen WW meals and Healthy Choice. CARB city.
4. I used everyone's birthday to binge eat frosting, even from the trash can!!! Oh me....the old me. Alone, eating from the trash can, in secret. I fooled nobody. Just saying...

Only cats eat out of the trash can now, in search of grass fed beef-Guilty as charged

I remembered the cat photo for our friend, Katie! 

Weight graphs. 


  1. I'm smiling reading ..Oh all those Lean Cuisines I ate ! Have a great weekend Karen - what's the Tortie's name ? Love those green eyes! My tortie has pumpkin orange eyes :)

  2. Hi Katie, thank you so much. OMG. I found food diaries from Livestrong that show my before diet. Hideous. My poor body. No way I could have lost weight on that pre-diabetic frozen food, carby mess. No way. Addictive, junky.

    I don't give out pet names, we'll just call this one Tortie #1, the goofy cat. I have another tortie #2, the cool cat. Both sisters, but very different personalities. So funny.

    1. Very interesting about the no pet names. Is this a ripple from childhood? So when you are talking to them, or referring to them - what do you say? What is the identifier in their records at the vet?

  3. You have come a long way in how you state your records. Really good now. Important to take all the factors into account. Good visual. Because all that does make a difference.

    1. Oh, thank you Vickie. My little nag term plans include minimizing my health care bills, so I can vacation with my family and live life. I think chronic illnesses are the in the top ways to go bankrupt in the US. I get charged out the wazzoo for not meeting health metrics at my employer, let alone steep deductibles. It pays off for my personal health and my financial solvency!

    2. That would be long term plans.... Siri is being difficult

  4. Oh, the cats have names, but I usually don't post on social channels

    1. Okay, that makes total sense. Thanks.

    2. Did you see Jane surfaced? Hopefully all is good.

    3. Yeah!!! I did, Vickie. I hope all is well for Jane. I think of her often.