Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Be yourself, always!

Be yourself, always.

If I had to sum up the last 3.75 years ( loss and maintenance and recovery), I'd say a good sense of self:


Bold = more important.

 Recovery from what I now know to likely be Food Addiction- Well, It's been a real tough thing to navigate. I'm a pretty positive person, so I don't b*tch about how hard it is sometimes.  I let my pity party last 1-2 minutes max. I've had other things that I've overcome that have been harder. It's all relative. I wouldn't wish anything like this on anyone. 

Addictions kill. Food addiction is deadly. Not everyone lives to tell, so I figure, best to think positively about the whole thing. I'm still standing.

 (YES, a licensed PhD told me to get off sugar and wheat/grains in 2002- but without the "selves", I did not stand on my own.) Better late than never!  That's a real WIN!

Being yourself is very good and will lead to great things. That is a special gift. You have special gifts to share. Here's to finding what works for you and leaving the rest behind.

Besides, I'm short, wear glasses and can't spell worth BEANS! (loose, lose.... hey! I weigh less.... yeah.... LOL! Have some fun, laugh... life is short.... more humor!)   Here's to each of us finding our way and finding what we need.  

There is no one right way, but there are about 3-4 ways that will work better for you.

Onward..... Oh, and this IS filler material because.

1. This Sanderling bird photo ROCKS and I'm itching to use it. If I look in the mirror, only myself is staring back. Nobody else. I'm responsible. FOCUS!

2. I decided to do a re-take on my 3 year maintenance anniversary photos after getting less than fabulous reviews on my originals from Jr. Family Member.- LOL. She was right!!!

3. I may be feeling better and MAY have beaten getting a sinus infection! 

4. I probably just jinxed myself but I get 3 free Tele Doc visits. Instead of Doc-in-the-Box I can have Doc-in-the-Computer! Just like Max Headroom.... 80's reference..., but long story short, I'll cave in for antibiotics if I can't kick this stuff.  OMG. My health care deductible $$ costs are through the roof. I must stay well, I must stay well, I must stay well

What works for me:

1. Looking in the mirror
2. Sleeping instead of sweating a blog post.
3. Trying no antibiotics and staying off dairy, really it helps a lot!
4. Trying new resources and trying not to laugh if I think about Max Headroom.

What didn't work for me in the past:
1. Trying to be the moderate eaters at WW and a calorie/points only counter. Eating all the things
2. Staying up too late to blog, read blogs and TV.
3. Feeding my colds with all sorts of high carb comfort foods.
4. Thinking that all my physical symptoms were just a part of "getting older".

All righty!   Here's to the next steps.....


  1. Loved this post. It did me good. :) (I have recently been rebuked by the bloggy thought police re: my negative opinion on needing to include favorite food or risk diet failure and I've felt rather badly about it.)



  2. Ah, the moderate vs abstain debate. Very individual. If people only knew than it was freedom rather than restriction.. oh well....

  3. I like that you say there is no ONE way to make it work, but several different ways to make it work and get better! I've tried a few different ways, and depending on life's situations, different strategies have to come into play! I'm glad you are making yourself a priority and taking care!

    1. Thanks, Jeanette! I do think that genetics, environment and age will play a part. I expect to change things up as I go. The aging thing...

      Change management would be key for long term maintenance!

  4. Thinking that all my physical symptoms were just a part of "getting older".
    This is the one that really gets to me! My doctor tried to convince me that my weight gain and hypothyroid symptoms was because I chose to have a baby at and the ripe old age of 38.....

    And I'm a firm believer there are many different paths you can follow to lose weight. You need to find the one that motivates and works for you.

    1. RS----- OMG!! I know lots of women who have babies 35 and older. Sigh....

      Yes, it's so important to pick your own template and switch up as needed. I thought I was just a "defect product" of all the ladies at WW who could moderate. Turns out I just needed a different approach that fit me better.

  5. I'm short, too, and wear glasses so I give credence to you! I like that you don't sugarcoat things. Yes, there are worse things in life than having to deal with addictions, but they are real, and people like us will never be able to eat like others (maybe I have a slower metabolism, maybe I gain weight more easily because I take a certain medication that causes weight gain, who knows?). It's not fair, but life is not fair. I remember years ago looking at people who could eat what they wanted and stay a normal size, and I was jealous. But you know what, I have a lot of things can be jealous of too so I look at it like that. I have many friends and colleagues who do not need to follow a strict diet and exercise and can be almost normal weight (I even have a friend who lost four pounds on WW with their points system--never happening to me in a million years!). It would be so easy to fall into woe is me thinking, but I can't do that. So I try to move "onward" as you say!

    I know you constantly change things up, and I respect you for that. I do mean it when I say I have to address change in my life, too. I have relied very heavily on exercise in the past (like a lot of exercise, especially when I was on the prednisone). I consider this part of maintenance my tweaking of my exercise to do the minimum possible in terms of exercise to keep the weight off. I can't and don't want to spend my life in the gym (though I do live to move), and I need something that is pared down. That's what I am working on now.

    1. Ali, great points. In the Food Addictions book, Dr. Tarman lists signals of "about to relapse" as thoughts of jelousy at normal eaters... I can say that was true of me in the past. That's why keeping my pity parties to 1-2 minutes works for me!! Onward indeed!!!

      Change management =key Education, hormones, etc. Glad you are working it around the drugs, managing disease states are very tricky, so kudos!

  6. When starting out on a new weight loss journey or any journey for that matter isn't it always more helpful to have a plan?

    Writing notes, keeping a journal can be so helpful. That is why your 'What Works For Me' and 'What Didn't', is such a great asset to your blog. Many do find it so helpful.

    Another thing I love are your photo's, thanks.

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes, Jan. I have a journal where I write down things like -say a berry experiment, does it spike my glucose, yes or no. I really liked Chris Kresser's advice on "is fruit okay or not" in a recent podcast. Then my written journal and my online journal (My fitness pal) will help me decide AND remember... ;)

      Photography = my "in flow" and medication time. Love it, and Thank you!!

  7. Hi -
    Love your what works and what doesn't posts. It has gotten me thinking about what works for me... and of course, what doesn't. What works: lots of water, veggies and tracking. what doesn't... eating until full, taking one bite of a "trigger food" and just winging it (gotta plan my meals for the day.) My hardest times are hanging out with friends. And their well meaning advice. Why do they have to stare at and comment on what I eat or don't eat?! I don't do that to them. (If I did, I don't think they'd want to hang out anymore.)

    Anyway. I read your blog everyday. And love the Max Headroom memory. Too funny!!

    1. I hear you , Chris. So glad that you are thinking about what works. It always has lead me down the path of good outcomes. :)

      I've been able to turn the tables on many a questioner on my food choices. Typically it's the break room at work (my food smells good, so I talk about that, or the fact that I'm rarely hungry any more, eating moderate meals and staying lean).

      Or with non-work folks, That I'm not going to feel good afterwards and won't be able to hike, go to the movie, etc because I'll end up in the bathroom or worse with an unintended glutening.

      Good luck and I've put your blog in my feedly reader... I do most of my reading in my VanPool on my non driving days.. :) Thank you for commenting.

  8. Wheat gives me automatic menopause symptoms later that night/wakes me from sleeping. I find that so interesting. And when women in their 40's (who are not eating very cleaning/moderation in all things) complain about menopause, I always wonder.

    I had to get the last of my weight/fat off to find myself. I had been hiding behind the fat on many levels. But when that last pound of fat came off, it was tough. I think of that as the priorities and boundaries time. I really needed my therapist.

    Good post.

    1. Vickie- I can feel a difference. If I go too high carb- even on starchier veggies- say brussels sprouts, AND my carb window is exceeded say over 60 for a day or two... forget it. I will not be sleeping until I get the carbs back down. And my weight will start to trend up. A few days back at 40-50 grams of carbs a day will get me re-set and will stabilize my sleep and weight.

      At this point, I'd gladly food track the rest of my life for just good sleep alone... :) The normal weight is just a bonus.

      Yeah,... I did my boundary work in 2003-2003. Oh so important. My CBT was awesome!

  9. I'm liking the new comparison photo you have!! You look great in it and I'm so does the new doormat (hehe... I know you got it awhile back but it's kind of a neat comparison to how things have changed).

    1. Lynda, thank you and I love looking at the changes, body, mind,... doormat... :)