Saturday, September 20, 2014

On and off the grid this fall- still on my food template!

Sunset Surfer, Carlsbad, CA
I'll be on and off "the grid" over the next couple of months.

What's working now: 

1. I'm still on my food template. I weigh in daily. My "pounds lost" range is anything from 68-72 pounds lost.

2. I weigh less when I drink chicken or beef broth 1-2 times a day! I'm out of broth, so I've got the crock pot fired up.

3. I'm spending more time relaxing, walking, photographing, getting and giving support, etc

4. I'm also spending more time re-arranging my schedule due to life changes ( new school for my daughter, new work schedules & assignments). Finding time to connect to my teen, driving here and there.

5. I've been reading the book "The Hunger Fix" by Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP and absolutely loving it. Taking notes, saying "yes" a lot. Yeah, finally the science is there for what I believe to be a life long addiction that effected me since I was age 6.  

6. I'm working on a post about "How to start removing processed food from your food template". I consider myself an expert. :)

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I'm not totally off the grid... :)   My food sobriety is my #1 priority so I can show up for the rest of life. That's sweeter than anything I used to eat. Onward!

What didn't work in the past:
1. Avoiding the scale so I wouldn't have to take action. I couldn't change what I didn't measure. My binge brain LOVED that.
2. I didn't use the crock pot to cook when I was super busy. I bought frozen diet food.
3. I didn't choose a support group that respected my need to abstain. I didn't respect my own need to abstain, either, so that drove my choices. Nice to get out of my own way and own it!
4. I put other schedules and needs before my own.
5. I didn't believe that I could be addicted to grains and sugars- like an allergy for about 10 years (my doctor told me, I chose not to believe)  So glad I opened up my brain and didn't get sicker than I already was.
6. I didn't think I could "live" without my snacks- See #5. That was my addiction talking. False fix.

Hope you are all well. Just know I'm still food sober, just posting less often. Natural progression.
Fresh eggs- the egg came first!


  1. "I'm working on a post about "How to start removing processed food from your food template"

    Like the sound of this post ...looking forward to reading it.

    Have a great fall (Autumn in the UK) enjoy life, family friends and great food !

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan! I hope to post it on US Monday... but maybe Wed.... sigh. :)

  2. I am happy for you.