Sunday, November 18, 2012

Power to the graph and pedometer- maintenance tools

Hello All, 
I've got the computer blues a couple of different ways. I'm keeping it all in perspective, though. Minimal in comparison to Hurricane, Economy, and world issues. 

I've realized that my walking and my weight control are very, very linked. Much more than I ever realized. See the weight chart above? Pretty typical, normal variation for me. By graphing my weight and looking back at my habits, I was able to figure out that 

7,000 steps will keep me maintaining, higher level
10,000 steps will keep me maintaining, lower level
10,000+ steps means I need to eat more to maintain my weight, but not MUCH more. 

I enjoyed Roni's post on weight graphing at google. I'm going to plot both weight and steps over a month. 

And, I've also learned that I'm a really,really poor estimator of my activity levels so my pedometer is a must. Otherwise the slippery slope thinking steps in. "Oh, I walked a lot today, so I deserve XY&Z". This does not work any more. I kicked that thinking to the curb. It tries to get back into my car; I drive quickly around that road block and keep going. Cookies, biscotti and mini-candy bars are not foods I could out exercise.
Yesterday's steps. The little figure "cheers" for me if I walk over 10,000 steps. I love this pedometer from Omron. I've had it for over a year and it even took a swim in my washer. It clips onto my clothes, so I don't loose it. It was $20-30- less than a fitbit. Doesn't always track some of my stairs or eliptical activity, but that is okay with me. 

What does work
Now I check my pedometer and sautee up some kale, asparagus and/or some protein- chicken thigh, half of a turkey or salmon burger.  and I fuel. I don't feed the thinking that got me 72 pounds overweight. 

Self check- I ask myself "What do I need right now?" I feed my body food from the template if I need, sleep if I need, music or podcasts if I need. 

Move it more: Yeah, If I'm at 7000 steps, I do tend to head out for a walk. No excuses. Makes all the difference. Grab the camera and look for cool stuff. I'm never disappointed. 
The liquid amber tree is the closest tree there is compared to a maple tree here in So. Cal.  Love those fall colors. Not like the mid-west, but still a few colors to see. 

Does anyone else have an activity threshold where they know they will start to gain if they don't exercise a certain amount? Discuss.

Okay, I owe posts on two topics- transition from Medifast to Paleo (Hils) and loose skin (Vicky). If the computer holds up, I'll be back soon for those posts.


  1. Thanks for the info! Yes I'm going to use that tracking tool/graph as well.

    1. Cool!! Let me know if you like it. I'll post mine sometime.

  2. Minor in the grand scheme of things as they are, computer/online issues are very, very frustrating. So I hope yours are resolved soon. Love that you're a data geek. :) And looking forward to the transition MF-Paleo post; maybe we should go halves on a full-page reprint of it in some newspaper somewhere in the Pacific NW??? ;P

  3. I'll be very interested to see your data on steps/weight after a month! Looking forward to that post--as well as the one about the MediFast to Paleo transition, of course :)

    Computer woes are very frustrating. Just know that even if you aren't able to get on the blog as much during the short term, lots of people reading this blog are very encouraged by you, and support your efforts.

  4. Now that I am close to maintain phase, I think I will start using a pedometer daily starting the first of the year. I need to figure this stuff out, and I am a data geek as well. My FitBit & I will be inseperable!

  5. This is great information and so important to find that balance for what is working for you. Happy Thanksgiving!