Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 32 & Week 33 update- slow loss continues

The holiday season has been busy, so here's week 32 and week 33 updates together.

Week 32 I hit 60 pounds lost. Whoot!!!  Very good. My loss was only 1.2 pounds this week. I'll take it!

Week 33 I'm at a 61.2 pound lost for another 1.2 pound lost week. See a trend here?

Even though weight loss is slow for me near the end, I can tell I've lost inches. No complaining, here. I do need to stay on my quest for finding pants that fit and I'm waiting for some nice Kohl's coupons so I can buy some Lee dress pants for work.

I'm reading some great blogs and I'll post more about my learning and favorite quotes another time.

Even though work, home life, and other things have me very busy and a little stressed, I can't celebrate my healthy habits I've learned enough. I'm so thankful. Take Shape for Life has been the best gift ever.

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