Thursday, January 31, 2013

I finished my first Whole30! Whoot!

Well, this is it. I finished my Whole30. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Here's what worked for me:
  • Eliminating dairy helped my sinuses
  • My clear sinuses helped me sleep better
  • I feel calmer and more focused and less stressed
  • I find myself "in the zone" for problem solving and creating more often
  • I weigh about 2 more pounds, yet my clothes fit better (cool!)
  • I maintained a 70+ pound weight loss for the 12th  month in a row!!!!
  • My skin broke out less often.
  • My upper body strength is better.
  • I stayed well (no colds and flu)- Everybody knock on wood, right now!!! "knock, knock, knock"
  • My intuition told me to take a long walk on the beach and I got this cool photo of the Goodyear Blimp at sunset.  And this photo of black sand/sediment around the rocks on the beach.

Here are (the very minor) negative things-
  • I tried ghee (clarified butter, allowed on Whole30)- I felt sick. :( 
  • I tried to make beef bone broth. I poured it down the drain.
  • I created the double paleo-fail-ieo- both the ghee and the the bone broth on the same day. 
  • I have more loose skin now than ever. Not a fail, but funny/funky none the less!
  • It was easier to over eat on nuts. I have a fix for that (my nutty post)
What is next: The fork in the road

Bring in certain foods, see how I feel. Continue on my path. Grow, lift things, take a lot of walks on the beach and crush it at the gym. Oh, and photograph the heck out of other people's gardens.(OPG). It's all about OPG and consistency this year.

Updated photos soon for my one year weight maintenance party, Feb 3, 2013.


  1. A) Love all the photos
    B) YOU ROCK.

  2. ...what she said! :-)

    did you buy the ghee or make it yourself?

  3. Tess, Purity farms certified organic. Bought it at Sprouts. I think that it is the nail in the dairy coffin, so to speak. Thanks for your well wishes.

    1. what a pity. :-( i thought that ghee was supposed to be almost universally digestible! thank heavens there's coconut oil, huh?

    2. Tess. So true. I love coconut oil and I ration out avocado oil.

  4. Great job Karen!! What is that bottom photo of? I can't figure it out ;)

    1. Becca, that is is a Bull Kelp float. That kelp is one of the larger varieties. There are lots of kelp patties ( forrests) just off shore. Always fun to see what the tide brings.

  5. More positives than negatives it appears, and that is good. :) One year maintenance party sounds like fun.

    1. Thanks , Caron. My 1 year anniversary is on the same day as the Super Bowl!!

  6. Awesome pictures!
    I'm so happy you found success doing the whole 30. I wish you nothing but more success in the future :)

    1. Thanks Suzi. I'm ready for my 85% chocolate tonight. Even though its only 2 tiny squares, I missed it.

  7. I thought of you yesterday in the grocery store.

    I have had some version of a 'what I eat' list for a long time. And each time I added or dropped something, I went in and edited the post by erasing things off of it and adding things to it.

    What I WISH I had done was leave everything on the post and then put notes up that said -
    stopped eating this on X date.
    started eating this on X date.

    So I could SEE the food evolution.

    Now there is even the nice editing feature that allows one to ------- through a word. Lovely.

    I do not think it is at all possible for me to recreate my master list, because I am way too many years down the road. And no copies of it, in its various forms, exist.

    but you are probably close enough to remember what and a general when.

  8. Job well done!! Looks like the positive outweighed the negative by like, a million!!

    I have bone broth on my to do list, but I've been intimidated!! How did you make it? I have a pretty easy recipe from Practical Paleo, I can pass it on to you if you are up for trying it again!