Friday, November 25, 2016

Day after Thanksgiving 2016, 6th food sober year in a row! Staying food sober takes a lot of effort, as does food addiction

San Clemente, Nov 2016

Instead of waking up in waves of food addiction, I woke up totally food sober, for the 6th year. I had a great time with family, a great photo session and walk after dinner.

What didn't work well for me:
Staying in food addiction takes a lot of effort. Effort to plan, buy, and eat, then feel the dopamine rush, then repent, and the pain. The physical and emotional pain.

What does work now:
Staying out of food addiction takes a lot of effort to plan, buy, eat, then clean up dishes, and get out to get on with our life- happy, sad, dopamine when you exercise or spend time with family friends, pets. Yeah. But the ending is different. There's very little or no physical or mental pain.

Abstaining for the win. Year 6. I wouldn't have it any other way. Pick your hard. Take the time to sober up. Life is pretty sweet abstaining from grains, almost all sugars, and emulsifiers.

My choice. I didn't choose my food addiction, but I can choose food sobriety and life with food addiction in remission.  
LCHF Thanksgiving 2016

The only waves this AM are in the ocean and on this funky rug, no binge urge waves


  1. I'm with you, Karen! I woke up food sober today, too. I don't even like Thanksgiving food so I opted to do nothing yesterday, and it was glorious. I'm not even tempted with all the junk that will be around next month in anticipation of Christmas. I remember reading you write years ago that you chose not to indulge ever, and I couldn't fathom how you managed that. Now I totally get it. I just don't think the food is worth it, and it doesn't even do anything for me. I would much, much rather eat on plan, exercise, and fit into my clothes. I remember the years where I would indulge for days after Thanksgiving in sweets, and I am in such a different place. And it feels great!

    Glad you enjoyed your day! And thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ali, (testing out my new bluetooth key board on this reply).... anyhoo!! Yes, making the holiday your own is key. It really didn't dawn on me that I could eat something different until late in my life. Or do something different.

      My ghrelin hormone- extra hunger hormone. Uggggggggh x1,000. Those levels must stay elevated long enough for me to have week and month long binge urges.

      Glad you've found your food sober space. Food sober living is really, really fantastic (or can be most of the time). Cheers to you for that pleasant life experience. It's kind of a fun place to be. :)

  2. We don't have thanksgiving so that's one less 'food' event to navigate! I did have a high tea baby shower recently though and didn't do well... been better since though :)

    1. Hi Lynda! Yeah, Thanksgiving is merged with Christmas in the US- even in my family, I'll see some people at Thanksgiving that I won't see at Christmas, so we'll celebrate both.

      I wish I could have accepted earlier on that I couldn't moderate. Ughhhhh! Oh, well. Like you said, you get back on the food template....

      I watched movies of the 2nd grade obese me getting off the school bus during our Thanksgiving holiday. Oh, the memories. I looked happy, though. It wasn't until Freshman year of High School that I started linking Holiday candy to binge eating.....sigh.

      Onward. Thanks for stopping by the blog and I'm living your Spring and Summer through you for the next few months. LOL. ;)