Saturday, April 27, 2013

Podcast 81- Lowcarb conversations with Jimmie Moore and friends - awesome interview, in my own words

Low Carb ConversationsA big thank you and shout out to the host, Dietician Cassie (her website)  and co-host Kevin Kennedy-Spaien (his website) of the "Lowcarb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends"  ( Jimmie Moore's website).

Cassie and Kevin were easy to talk to and it was fun and informative to be interviewed for the show.  I was honored to be a guest. Thank you.

You can download episode 81 here on iTunes.

I'm so pleased that more people are talking about lower carb, lower sugar, and of course excluding wheat and grains for overall health. To have RD's speaking out is very important. The health benefits that I have now and will have in the future from this information will play a huge role in my life, health, and family finances.

Here's what worked: Eating a low inflammatory, lower carb diet:

1. Excluding wheat and most grains :pain free joints & low CRP (link to my blood work)
2. Excluding wheat, sugar, and processed foods: Maintaining a 70+ weight loss for almost 15 months.
3. Controlling over eating - emotional and mini-binges ( by doing all of the above)

Here's what did not work in past attempts
1. Eating wheat- caused joint pain, set me up for more over eating
2. Eating sugary foods in moderation
3. Feeling out of control with my eating and yo-yo dieting for 40+ years.

It's more work to eat and cook low inflammatory/low carb/ Paleo/  and live the Primal lifestyle. The benefits far, far outweigh any negatives. To wake up, put on clothes that fit, walk down stairs pain free, to eat breakfast and feel great, play actively with my kid, engage in work without thoughts of food, zip outside and take awesome photos- and to feel younger in my 40's than I did in my 20's.  Yeah!

Thanks again to Dietician Cassie, Kevin, and Jimmy Moore for spreading the word about low carb, cholesterol, and eating real food.


  1. Wow Karen, you were on Low Carb Conversations? I will download when I get access to broadband again. Fantastic!

    1. Yep! It was fun. Jimmy Moore was in San Diego for a conference and my daughter & I ate lunch with him and Sean Croxton. Nice guys. I'll put up a blog post for Sunday (US) with some photos. Very cool!!!

  2. Fantastic Karen - lunch with Jimmy and Sean can't be bad!
    The benefits of a low carb lifestyle, because that's what it is, are being discovered by more and more out there. We just have to keep spreading the positives.

    All the best Jan

  3. Yes, Jan, Grass roots-spreading the postitives- in person is fantastic. When my friends in real life look at my photos, they have forgotten that I looked like I did. Then, being able to answer questions about my food, walking, etc- it's influencing.

    My blog post about my lunch will post Monday am. :)